Join Other Organizations in Realizing Significant Growth

Achieving Growth. A simple goal on paper, but not always so easy to achieve in real life. Whether growing an organization or a team, many leaders struggle to accomplish those goals. Many leaders wonder how to navigate the fast changing global economy and world.

Partners In Action, Inc. assists leaders in focusing on the best solutions, greatest priorities, and growth strategies which will provide the greatest return for their investments. We equip leaders with the tools needed to transform their organizations into highly productive, thriving and creative environments. We demonstrate how organizations can go from being reactive and static, to proactive and innovative.

We partner with leaders and organizations to provide high-impact, practical solutions for today’s fast changing work place and world. Growth is not a mystery nor is it impossible to achieve. Utilizing the proven systems and tools we have developed, leaders can reach their goals quickly and move their organizations forward!


Partners In Action, Inc.was founded in 1999 and has serviced clients throughout the region since then. New services are coming to facilitate growth for organizations. Watch for more details!

Partners In Action, Inc. and Rhoda Kreuzer have been recognized for their professionalism and excellent service. Rhoda Kreuzer received finalist status for the Top Woman Owned Business in 2012, and four community awards in 2008. They include 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan, Athena Nomination, CEED Volunteer of the Year, and GR Chamber Volunteer of the Month (4-08).

New Insights to Growth


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Leadership Consulting

Organizations rise and fall on the strength of leadership within their organizations. Prepare current and future leaders to meet the demands of your organization.

Team Training

Effective teams are critical to the success of an organization. Equip them with high impact, practical, easy to implement tools and systems that will create synergy and powerful results.

Professional Coaching

Professionals need to increase their skills, flexibility and be able to reinvent themselves to meet the challenges of the marketplace. Coaching provides customized strategies for accelerating change and building skills.