Are People Catching Cold from your Attitude?

by blogadmin 12. June 2009 07:24

At a recent community event a business owner shared their concerns that sales were falling, and that they were afraid they might need to close the business.  Other people standing nearby were sympathetic and tried to suggest some ideas about how they might grow their business.  As I was leaving the event, one of the other attendees commented to me about how they had the perception for some time that this business was not doing well.

How did they know when the business owner had never said anything prior to that event?  Attitudes show through and those around us are given messages about whether they should do business with us.  I have had sales people call on me who were clearly desperate for business.  Their desperation came through loud and clear.  It would never occur to me to do business with them.

What is your attitude portraying?  Do people sense confidence and purpose and positive energy coming from you?  Many will ask how we can be positive when the economy is so bad.  The difference is whether you are going to let the economy define your attitude and perspective, or if you are going to define it by your own decision to be positive.  I would recommend on thinking about the solutions, not just the problems. 

We can all find reasons to be depressed about life.  But we can also find lots of reasons to be positive.  One way to do this is to make it a priority to read books, listen to news and music, and be around people who are positive.  Recently, a business associate and I have started co-producing and co-hosting a monthly MPR radio program called “Good News and Success”.  Some have asked us how we were going to find enough stories.  Actually our challenge is selecting stories out of the many we have heard about.

Begin today by setting a goal to have such a strong positive attitude that others will flock to catch what you have!


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