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Special Project Management Edition | July 23, 2018

Whether or not you hold cerification in Project Managment, chances are it's a big part of your role or what you do in your business. Whether you manage projects on a regular basis or only twice per year, the skills learned in project management are complex and requires a wide range of skills and experience. The fundamentals of managing a project from start to finish are very similar.

Listed below 10 KEY AREAS IMPORTANT TO A SUCCESSFUL PROJECT from mindtools.com. How well do you fare in each one?

Take this SHORT QUIZ to determine how well you perform. 

1. Project Integration

2. Scope Management

3.  Schedule Management

4. Cost Management

5. Quality Management

6. People Management

7. Communication

8. Risk Management

9. Project Procurement

10. General Project Skills 


Personal Challenge:

-Use your answers to determine whether you are applying best practices or not.

-In your industry, what project management areas are most important? Least? Try ranking them and managing your next project with these key areas.

-Lastly, do some reading up on project management. There are  many online resources all the way to gaining certification. 


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