Do You Display the 4 Facets of Self-Awareness?

by blogadmin 12. October 2017 04:35

Self-Awareness can be the most challenging to develop, but it can also serve as a foundation for strengthening your other leadership skills. How? Take a moment to learn more about 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Self-Awareness. 


Personal Application:
How do you view experiences - good or bad? Do you repeatedly visit the experience to gain new insight - to make a change?
What qualities make you unique? How does that translate as a leader?
Do you provide a consistent experience in all circumstances and with each person? Why not? 

Influential Women

by blogadmin 4. March 2014 06:55
Today I had the privelege of speaking to the women of an international company about their role in the workplace.  What great fun and energy in this group!  Most of all I was reminded of the simple truth that women are wonderful at bringing compassion, courage, and passion to their work.  They make the team, their community, and their families better because of who they are and the giftedness they freely share.  I encourage other women to join in making this world the best it can be!  Get involved and and use your abilities to shape the future.

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