Teamwork Requires A "We" Focus

by blogadmin 12. October 2020 06:38

You hear organizations talk about silos, and people not working well with each other. At heart, these issues are based on a “me” focus. What are my goals, my needs, and my desires? Questions such as, “Am I better off staying here?” are focused on ‘my’ needs versus what I am contributing to make this a great team and great place to work.

True teamwork is about a “we” focus. With a “we” focus, we are attuned to the needs of others on the team, we see our goals through what is best for the team, and we give freely to others without keeping track of how much others have given to us. A better question is, how are we contributing to the team here? Are we giving to our peers?

A “we” focus allows us and others to be authentic by directing our focus on the collective goals, thus how we can assist our team members in reaching these goals. It creates joy from working as a team to accomplish something important and that is bigger than any one person. It produces the realization that we can do so much more when combining our talents and that we truly are aiming for the same outcomes.

Where is your focus today? Let’s strengthen our teams by adopting a “we” focus and watch the tremendous impact made as a result.


Decisions Can Be Simple

by blogadmin 18. February 2020 01:35


There are certainly complex situations that demand serious thought and creativity to solve. However, many times the decisions we make are not hard because of the complex situations. They are hard when we know what we should do, and we hesitate to do so because of what it may cost us.

As you listen to this clip, reflect on decisions you have made or need to make. Are you hesitating because you do not know the right decision, or because you are uncomfortable with the cost? Doing what is right will always serve you well in the end. Even if others disagree or do not follow, you will always have the self-respect of doing what is right. 


Watch Video 


Leadership Is Not For The Fearful!

by blogadmin 14. February 2020 01:30


 Leadership requires courage to speak truth, to stand up for what is right, and to do the right thing. As you listen to this TED Talk, ask yourself in what area do you need to display courageous leadership. 

Let's step out and be leaders of influence by displaying courage!

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