Decisions Can Be Simple

by blogadmin 18. February 2020 01:35


There are certainly complex situations that demand serious thought and creativity to solve. However, many times the decisions we make are not hard because of the complex situations. They are hard when we know what we should do, and we hesitate to do so because of what it may cost us.

As you listen to this clip, reflect on decisions you have made or need to make. Are you hesitating because you do not know the right decision, or because you are uncomfortable with the cost? Doing what is right will always serve you well in the end. Even if others disagree or do not follow, you will always have the self-respect of doing what is right. 


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Leadership Is Not For The Fearful!

by blogadmin 14. February 2020 01:30


 Leadership requires courage to speak truth, to stand up for what is right, and to do the right thing. As you listen to this TED Talk, ask yourself in what area do you need to display courageous leadership. 

Let's step out and be leaders of influence by displaying courage!

How Perspective Changes Everything

by blogadmin 26. June 2019 00:53

Rhoda Kreuzer | Leadership In Action | Leadership Edition

"Life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent of how I react to it." ~Charles Swindoll

Recently, a friend who was having some health challenges shared that he was in the doctor's office feeling blue. He was sitting in the waiting room when a young person walked by with an artificial leg. Soon after, a younger mother walking by with a very sick infant. Suddenly, his ailments seemed minor.

We all have days when challenges seem overwhelming. No one is making light of the issues we often face. However, the reality is that how I react to them will change the outcome. We can improve or worsen the results based on our attitude and the lens in which we view the circumstances.

If I view the challenges as opportunities to learn, to pull together with my team, and to stretch in new ways, the obstacles become easier to overcome. If I stay focused on feelings of frustration, the circumstances will surely become more daunting.

Personal Challenge:

-How will you view your challenges?

-How will you encourage others to rise above their frustrations?


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