Scoring points vs. winning

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By Rhoda Kreuzer, CEO, Leadership Coach

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." --Michael Jordan


There are many talented people who are able to score points whether in sports or in the boardroom. They close the deal, or they complete a complex project. In short, they do an outstanding job at their own responsibilities, however, they fail when it comes to working and collaborating with the team. They see everything through the lens of how it will impact them and how it makes them look.

Teamwork is key to achieving our vision and sustaining success. Individuals can gain momentum in the short term, but it is the team that sustains that effort and excels in the long term. The real question is do you have a group of individuals working for you, or a team that is working together to achieve tremendous impact on your objectives and vision.

Some questions that help us determine whether we are working as a team are:

-Do you have silos in your organization?
-When there is an issue, do people describe it in terms of what someone did wrong versus in terms of possible solutions?
-When one person or department is falling behind, do others on the team offer to assist?
-When the team is stuck and struggling to make progress, do others step up to help create momentum and lend their assistance?
-Do staff hold each other accountable?
-Do staff give recognition to each other on a regular basis?

The answer to these questions begins to illustrate how strong your team may be. Leaders can influence the strength of their team by providing clear vision, accountability for working together as a team, and rewarding people who display strong team behaviors.

Strengthen your team and lead the way to success!

Selling Yourself

by blogadmin 3. September 2019 02:43
Remember the days when companies like IBM and others would require their sales professionals to dress in a suit and tie or a dress/suit. It was a company uniform even in the heat of summer. By dressing in a very professional manner the message was, “You can trust us with your business”.

However, today the business culture has adopted a more casual dress code. So what is considered an acceptable presentation for business meetings? How do you make a favorable impression without appearing out of touch? A general rule of thumb is to dress one level above the person you are going to meet. For example, if you are going to meet with someone who is wearing jeans, you might want to wear dress pants/slacks with a dress shirt or blouse, but no tie or jacket. If you are going to meet someone who is wearing a tie, but no jacket you might add the jacket to your outfit. In this way you can provide a professional image without making your client feel uncomfortable. Even the way you accessorize your outfit can make a difference in how you are perceived. Wearing more casual jewelry or a jacket that is less tailored can dress up an outfit while still feel accepting.

Remember, your appearance is an important part of your brand and can help set the tone of a meeting. Proactively consider who you are meeting with throughout your day and decide how you can “Sell Yourself”!
Have a positive week,
Rhoda Kreuzer
CEO, Leadership Coach 


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Moving Forward, One Step At A Time

by blogadmin 26. August 2019 02:44


 Leadership In Action | Leadership Edition

Have you thought one or more of the statements below?


  •        The economy is just too bad to succeed.
  •        The competition has an unfair advantage.
  •        I can’t find good help.
  •        I’m not lucky like others.
  •        I just can’t get a break when competing with larger companies.

Do many of them sound familiar? It is easy to have this mindset when times are tough. We all experience difficulties from time to time. Those difficulties may be in our personal lives, they could be economic or in the community. Wherever difficulties present themselves the real question is, what will you do about the situation?

There are a few key steps to our response to be aware of if we want to be successful.  First, check your attitude.  It is almost impossible to succeed if your attitude is down in the dumps.  Sure, we have challenges, but the key is to realize that there are more blessings in our lives than those challenges. Focusing on the positives in our lives gives us the strength to better identify the steps to the solutions.

Second, remember that if you focus on the solution you can rise to success.  We cannot change the circumstances we face, but we can focus on how to overcome them.  It may be an unexpected resignation by a key employee, or the loss of a client.  These can create opportunities to improve, grow and reshape your business.

Third, reach out.  You are not the first person to have these issues and there are others with wisdom that could assist you in identifying key strategies to overcome challenges.  It always helps to know that others care and have survived a crisis. Reach out to others in your network to gain perspective and insight to address the challenges you are facing.


Become successful one step at a time! 

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