Facing Difficulties Can Be Good

by blogadmin 8. September 2020 03:57

Most of us do not look at difficulties as our friend. In fact, most leaders dream of having a day or week where there are no problems to be addressed and everything goes smoothly. It is the ideal that we strive for and hope to achieve. However, it is a myth.
Difficulties and challenges are the things that cause us to stretch, grow and climb to new heights. Difficulties force us to not be complacent, but rather to strive to be better and accomplish more. Our challenges cause us to re-evaluate and deepen our resolve.
If you want to succeed, you must be tested and learn from difficulties as well as victories. Both are needed and essential for your team to go beyond mediocrity. The next time a challenge arises, reframe how you see it from being a negative to being an opportunity to rise above the ordinary.

Watch this video clip and consider how you can help your team be extraordinary!

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Being Awesome

by blogadmin 16. May 2020 01:22

“Being Awesome” seems like hype or someone’s idea of a great slogan. We brush past it without really thinking about how it could transform our lives. We miss the real truth and power behind it and instead settle for “being okay”.
In his book “A Sense of Urgency”, John Kotter talks about how the pursuit of perfection keeps us from propelling forward to needed change and success. Likewise, many of us strive to produce the work expected of us without asking how we could go beyond the expected to be awesome. Consider what would it take to become awesome. Just asking the question generates energy and forward-thinking initiative.

Being awesome is not about changing the world, it is about growing ourselves and impacting those around us. It is the truest representation of who we can be and not accepting others definition of what we can accomplish. It is holding ourselves accountable to doing our best work, being committed to purpose, and striving to “Be Awesome”.

What will you do today to bring the best of who you are to those around you? Will today be another “okay” day, or a day in which you strive to “Be Awesome”?

Priorities in the Midst of Crisis

by blogadmin 17. April 2020 01:11

As leaders we can become hyper focused on details in the midst of a crisis, such as the pandemic we are currently facing. It is difficult to look beyond the urgent demands of each day when your existence is at stake. However, it is during times of crisis that we should have three key priorities if we are going to succeed.

The first priority is in fact sustainability. If we cannot sustain our business by keeping the doors open, the rest will not matter. This includes reducing expenses and trying to manage cash flow, making decisions about layoffs, renegotiating debt and managing inventory levels. Be sure to remember your team during this time as well. What support do they need to thrive? How can you stay connected to them even if it is remotely?

The second priority that gets less attention is reinvention. When in crisis how can you reinvent yourself? How can you change the way you are providing a service or product? Or what new services and products can you provide? There are a number of manufacturers pivoting to create personal protective equipment or medical equipment during this crisis. With each challenge there is an opportunity.

The third priority is emergence. Following this period of crisis, how will you reopen your business. Most likely it will not be business as usual. We will be finding a new normal for ourselves and our teams. You may need to continue safety/sanitary protocol, or you may want to continue to offer new products/services, new hours of operation, etc. Perhaps your team will want to continue working remotely or having a more relaxed dress code.

Considering these priorities will assist you in being prepared for and accessing new opportunities. Avoid treading water during these times. Successful leaders and companies will prioritize these three keys to ensure they are ahead of the curve. Change your priorities and create a new 2020 vision!

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