What Are Your Values?

by blogadmin 30. October 2019 04:32


By John Karle
Values are principles that do not change, instead we commit to them wholeheartedly no matter what is happening around us. At times we may not benefit in a material fashion from our values, but we will always benefit morally and in strength of character from staying true to our values.

Leadership must be founded on our values and principles. Values guide us through difficult decisions and shape our attitudes, lives, and work. As we lead, our values will draw others to us who share those values. Team members are strengthened as they work with others who are about the same purpose and values.

Have you shared your values with your team? Do they understand how you use values to make decisions and how to do so in your absence? Consider taking time a on regular basis to share how your values shape your leadership.

The Seeds of Sustainable Success

by blogadmin 22. April 2019 02:26

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant." ~Robert Stevenson

Our tendency is to look at the bank account or sales figures each day to determine if we are successful. You may be working hard on long-term projects that will not show results in the short-term. The real question is not whether you are seeing sales today, but rather what you are doing that will produce the greatest results long-term.

While leaders must balance the need for short-term sales with the long-term goals; the short-term gains will not predict sustainable success. If we are investing in the most important things; the things that will make a difference a year or more from now, then we will achieve success. Begin focusing your time and resources on those critical factors and achieve true success.


The Most Valuable Currency in the World

by blogadmin 15. April 2019 01:56


What is the most valuable currency in the world? Gold? Diamonds? While they have monetary value, they are not a match for the true answer to the question. TRUST is the most valuable currency--in relationships. You cannot buy trust or manufacture it.

Some say, "Just trust me"! We expect people to trust us because we are nice enough. But trust is earned based on several factors. Reflect on how you answer to the below questions.

-Integrity: Do you tell the truth and act in a way that people feel is consistent to what you say?

-Sincerity: Do you convey that you are sincere in what you are expressing or is it merely a script; something you feel you are supposed to say? 

-Accountability: Do you willingly admit to yourself and others about mistakes you've made?

-Follow-Through: Do you follow through and do what you say?

Nobody is perfect. But if we want to develop strong trust with others, we must practice and master these key areas. Trust is critical to every relationship we want to build and every goal we want to achieve.

Personal Challenge:

How will you strengthen your trust with others this week?

All The Best,

John Karle

Senior Sales Consultant 

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