Why We Love Goals (You Should, too!)

by blogadmin 8. March 2018 02:34

Sales Edition | John Karle

A professional salesperson has established goals that stretch a person! Goals are developed planning and execution.

If you focus on the details each day and work on your plan, you will avoid panic. If you look through the lens of your goals, you should see yourself as a salesperson achieving your goals - personally and professionally with a well-laid out plan for each week, day, and month. This is accomplished by writing your goals down and holding yourself accountable by reviewing your goals regularly.


A young man I was working with wanted to take his family to Florida for spring break. He did not know how he could afford such a trip. At the beginning of the year, he wrote down his personal goal along with this professional goals for growth - a plan for monthly sales production. He reached his goal early by hard work and holding himself accountable. The trip was a wonderful reward for his tenacity.


Start today by writing down your GOALS and working on them DAILY. 



Systems Thinkers Are Self-Aware

by blogadmin 18. October 2017 01:05

SELF-AWARE people practice SYSTEMS thinking not simply GOAL Setting.

The difference between GOALS (DOING) and SYSTEMS (BEING) is that one focuses on specific results, whereas the other is based on values, purpose, and who you are designed to be.

GOALS are temporary milestones you set out to reach. SYSTEMS are flexible patterns of thinking, emerging insights, and multiple perspectives that have a fulfilling effect on your life. See some great examples below by Siim Land:


GOAL-Earn an annual income of 100,000 VS. SYSTEMS-Learning and increasing your knowledge about marketing and finance, and constantly implementing them into your business is a system for getting wealthy

GOAL-Lose 10 pounds by the end of the year VS. SYSTEMS-Eating healthy and consistent physical exercise is a system towards losing weight and maintaining excellent body composition

GOAL-Write a bestselling book VS. SYSTEMS-Practing writing, researching, tinkering with one's skills is a system for becoming a master writer and thus creating a bestseller

GOAL-Get a degree in college VS. SYSTEMS-Studying, reading and self-improvement every day is a system for getting smarter and developing yourself as a person 


Yes, GOALS are helpful to reach short-term achievements within the big picture. But, it's always about staying on your calling, where the fine details will most definitely change over time. SYSTEMS free you from the outcome and are more consistent. AND no worries, SYSTEMS can be updated.

Personal Application:

-Do you set the same personal or work goals again and again?

-When you achieve your goal, do you feel fulfilled? Why or why not?

-As you learn about people or new things, are you willing to change your perspectives? How would this lead to increased understanding about yourself and others?

-Where might a small change - even those not yet considered - have a long-lasting, desired effect?

Good News & Success!

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3 Steps To Increase Your Productivity With Accountability

by blogadmin 20. September 2017 01:24

Enlist others to make sure you get things done and watch your productivity soar says freelance writer Li Vasquez-Noone. Without a supervisor or boss looking over your shoulder, it's tempting to procrastinate. But with accountability, you'll keep going. She advises to follow these 3 steps to keep things going:

1.  Find an accountability partner (group or team). Set up regular times to meet or check in with each other. This keeps you honest and motivated. It also gives you a sounding board.

2.  Lay out and share your plans with an accountability partner, group or team. When writing down goals and sharing them, it is easy to identify areas which need adjustment or improvement.

3.  Be accountable to yourself. Find tools that help such as using an excel spreadsheet that has the goals for the project broken down into monthly, weekly, and daily segments and a success journal that keeps track of what you do right. 

Personal Application:

What do you do to hold yourself accountable? Do you have an accountability partner? What goals or projects are you currently working on that could be held better accountable with a partner or a team? 


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