Are You Ready to Succeed?

by blogadmin 5. August 2020 01:10



There is a myth that states that ‘Once we get past this (whatever this is), everything will be fine.’  Embedded in that statement is the idea that once we get over certain obstacles, life will be normal or smooth again.   For many, there is a belief that success is having things run smoothly, the lack of obstacles, and enjoying stability.

However, the reality is that growth and learning often comes hand in hand with obstacles.  In fact, I would suggest that the more important something is to accomplish, the more obstacles there will be.  If there were no challenges, we would already have accomplished that goal.  Success requires us to be ready to encounter obstacles and stretch further than before.

As leaders our goal should be focused on how far we can stretch to make new and important contributions.  Approach obstacles with an understanding that rolling up our sleeves and digging in is how we learn and expand our abilities. This stretching and learning makes us stronger and more capable of leading those we serve.  It requires us to give the best of what we have to offer if we are to accomplish great things. 

Ask yourself whether you are:

                *Playing it safe.  Are you using obstacles as an excuse not to stretch and try new things?

                *Complaining.  Are you complaining about how hard it is to grow instead of committing to the challenge?

                *Waiting for the perfect time.  Are you waiting until everything is perfected, or everyone agrees on the direction?

You can change your trajectory!  Rise to success one obstacle at a time.

Wise Leadership Investments

by blogadmin 21. July 2020 03:18


Where are you investing your time and talents?  When I consider investing financially in anything, I typically look for what will bring the greatest return.  We work hard to gain assets and if we are going to invest, we want to increase our assets, not just have them sit safely somewhere.

Consider how hard you work to gain your expertise, your knowledge and ability.  How you invest those attributes should not be different than how you invest your money.  Investing in activity-focused work means you can check off tasks and get things done with the talent that you possess.  This approach allows us to feel good because we have been doing something that feels productive.  Still, activity does not produce momentum or results.  It consumes our talent and resources but does not necessarily move us closer to our desired results.



However, when we invest our time and talent in gaining results, we gain momentum and pride of what has been accomplished.  Investing in results means focusing on the outcome of our efforts and ensuring that we are working towards our priorities.  You may check off fewer tasks, because each strategy has greater consequence and may take more time to complete.   The reality is that investing in results brings about greater ownership and commitment.  It causes us to endure and to problem solve the obstacles that may need to be overcome.

Investing in results brings the greatest return, the greatest sense of accomplishment, and builds momentum in your organization.  Evaluate how you are investing your abilities and expertise to decide if you want to change where your investment lies.  Invest to make the greatest difference possible!

Predictors of Success

by blogadmin 7. May 2020 01:19

Have you ever wondered what factors in your life would predict success? Success is less about what you have externally and more about what you bring to the world from the inside. You can have countless things in life and fail. Research has shown that money is not a predictor of success. Some of the most successful people in life started out with few resources and lack of support but surpassed their counterparts.

Successful people incorporate hope, a positive outlook, a realistic view of challenges; but their emphasis remains on humility, gratitude, accountability, and a desire to make a difference. They are able to recognize their unique qualities, what areas they need support in, and how these features fit into their goals. These attributes are consistent with those who are successful long term.

Successful people do not wait for ideal circumstances, or for others to fix their problems. They understand their own role in facing challenges with a sense of purpose and optimism. They also realize that there are many who have positively influenced their lives, have mentored them, and worked with them to obtain success. Successful leaders express the immeasurable impact of those who have cared and supported them through the difficult and progressive times, as well as the triumphant times.

What qualities, positive or negative, are you bringing to your business and team? Are you accepting the responsibilities of accomplishing your goals? Who do you need to express gratitude towards, and how can you focus on being productive?


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