Steps for Success: When Hiring A New Salesperson

by blogadmin 21. January 2020 04:23


Hiring a new salesperson can be stressful, even in the best of circumstances. The question is always how to get them started and achieve results in the shortest amount of time. Typically, managers show the new salesperson to their office and expect them to find their way from there.

Instead, be prepared to help them before day one by coaching them to work at it and practice the right steps every day. Many professionals in sports and business have a coach, some have several coaches. I personally used a sales coach for years and feel it made a significant impact in reaching my goals.

As a manager and leader, it is part of your responsibility to ensure they have tools available to reach their goals. Providing a new salesperson coaching on the following elements would set them up for success from the beginning.


  1. Goal Setting: Set goals on day one. The number of sales calls, appointments, closings and revenue booked.
  2. Prospect Database: Establish a data base with a minimum of 500 businesses, that are your ideal prospective clients.
  3. Sales Process: Memorize the sales process. Role play it frequently to get it embedded in their vocabulary, and it seems natural.
  4. Relationship & Trust Building: Coach them on how to quickly build relationships with prospective clients and gain trust.
  5. Differentiators: Memorize at least 12 proactive service differentiators.
  6. Cold Call Process: Teach them a process that boldly gets the buyers attention and leads to appointments, and revenue for your organization. Sales calls should be that, a sales call! If you are not focused on the goal, you run the risk of being nothing more than a visitor and wasting everyone’s time.
  7. Coaching Sessions: Should be weekly and at a scheduled time. You as a coach should be available during the week for a quick conversation to help keep your salesperson focused on their goals. You should be prepared to give honest feedback, based on their weekly effort and activity.

Taking these steps will ensure your salesperson is off to a great start and that you will see results quickly. Don’t leave success to chance!

All the best,

John Karle  

Being Humble is a Requirement of Leadership

by blogadmin 9. December 2019 03:23

 “Remember It’s not About You.”
-Brad Lomenick
As we think about humility, we tend to think of people like Mother Theresa, or Martin Luther King, or other advocates of our day. However, humility is a daily living out of an accurate self-view. In other words, we are neither overconfident nor underconfident. It is understanding that our value and our worth is in a good place so our work is no longer about the recognition we might receive that matters.

Instead strong leaders think about how to create paths for others, to provide for their teams, and to have an impact on their organization and the world around them. Leadership is about influencing others; and you cannot influence them in a positive way unless you have their best interest at heart. Evidence of this type of leadership can be seen in the way they lead and the impact they are having on others. Following are some ways to be a Humble Leader:
  • Delegate not only the responsibility to do a task, but also the authority needed to do so
  • Invest in opening the door for others
  • Listen openly to those who disagree with you
  • Surround yourself with people who have strengths greater/different from yours
  • Talk about your purpose and ask people to follow your purpose not you

Evaluate how you are doing in these areas and pick one of these to expand your humility as a leader. It will result in people wanting to engage and be part of a purpose that is bigger than any one person. 

Scoring points vs. winning

by blogadmin 9. September 2019 03:21

By Rhoda Kreuzer, CEO, Leadership Coach

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." --Michael Jordan


There are many talented people who are able to score points whether in sports or in the boardroom. They close the deal, or they complete a complex project. In short, they do an outstanding job at their own responsibilities, however, they fail when it comes to working and collaborating with the team. They see everything through the lens of how it will impact them and how it makes them look.

Teamwork is key to achieving our vision and sustaining success. Individuals can gain momentum in the short term, but it is the team that sustains that effort and excels in the long term. The real question is do you have a group of individuals working for you, or a team that is working together to achieve tremendous impact on your objectives and vision.

Some questions that help us determine whether we are working as a team are:

-Do you have silos in your organization?
-When there is an issue, do people describe it in terms of what someone did wrong versus in terms of possible solutions?
-When one person or department is falling behind, do others on the team offer to assist?
-When the team is stuck and struggling to make progress, do others step up to help create momentum and lend their assistance?
-Do staff hold each other accountable?
-Do staff give recognition to each other on a regular basis?

The answer to these questions begins to illustrate how strong your team may be. Leaders can influence the strength of their team by providing clear vision, accountability for working together as a team, and rewarding people who display strong team behaviors.

Strengthen your team and lead the way to success!

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