Being Awesome

by blogadmin 16. May 2020 01:22

“Being Awesome” seems like hype or someone’s idea of a great slogan. We brush past it without really thinking about how it could transform our lives. We miss the real truth and power behind it and instead settle for “being okay”.
In his book “A Sense of Urgency”, John Kotter talks about how the pursuit of perfection keeps us from propelling forward to needed change and success. Likewise, many of us strive to produce the work expected of us without asking how we could go beyond the expected to be awesome. Consider what would it take to become awesome. Just asking the question generates energy and forward-thinking initiative.

Being awesome is not about changing the world, it is about growing ourselves and impacting those around us. It is the truest representation of who we can be and not accepting others definition of what we can accomplish. It is holding ourselves accountable to doing our best work, being committed to purpose, and striving to “Be Awesome”.

What will you do today to bring the best of who you are to those around you? Will today be another “okay” day, or a day in which you strive to “Be Awesome”?

Reacting versus Leading

by blogadmin 24. April 2020 01:15


During times of crisis, there are certain reactions that primarily happen, including:
  • Denial: Pretending the crisis is not impacting people and business.
  • Fear: Staying overwhelmed by negative outcomes or thought trails.
  • Reworking: Reacting to the situation day by day; working from a survival state.
  • Blaming: Other people have caused this crisis, now they should have to fix it.
Successful leaders tend to have a different approach, rather than leading from their reactions. While reacting may keep your business surviving through this crisis, it will not allow for creativity or innovation. Strong leaders use an approach that focuses on solutions and new opportunities. As you navigate a crisis or challenging time, ask questions about what you are focusing on, giving your energy to and how you are spending your time. If the answers are less then fruitful, pivot to start identifying new opportunities, new needs to meet, new ways to deliver your products or services, new ways to engage your team, and/or new marketing approaches.

You cannot always resolve every issue, but you can respond in a positive way that builds momentum and ensures that you are prepared to succeed in the future. You can plant seeds about new opportunities with clients, you can use this time to evaluate how to become more efficient and more innovative. Instead of marking time, or being fearful, choose to use this time to improve and grow. The rewards of leading in times of crisis are huge. They prepare us for a successful future with teams that are focused on the right priorities.

What do you need to begin doing right now to prepare for the reopening of our economy? Do not wait—this window of preparation will close. Be ready!

Genuine Leadership

by blogadmin 27. March 2020 00:59

We are all experiencing a time of chaos and uncertainty.  Many are reacting to that chaos and feeling like they have no control.  While it is true that none of us can control our situation, there are keys that successful leaders use when faced with uncertainty, chaos, and obstacles.
Overs the next several weeks we will be unpacking those keys to equip leaders for success.
This week’s key is seeking out silver linings.  By this we do not mean pretending that all is well.  Successful leaders are actually some of the first to identify the issue.  However, what is different is they quickly move from identifying the issue to identifying the opportunity that accompanies the issue.
Whenever there is a shift in the market, or a challenge, there is typically new segments of needs, new opportunities within your existing client base, or new ways to innovate.  Begin by shifting your mindset to asking questions about what needs does this issue expose?  How might you be uniquely positioned to innovate and offer solutions? 
Examples include leaders who have opened doors for others, provided resources, and initiated new services without gaining profits.  Recently, a distillery was getting ready to close due to Coronavirus.  They realized that the ingredients they used were the same as needed for hand sanitizer which is in short supply.  So they stopped making their product and began making hand sanitizer and gave it away.
Not only will this process assist you in maintaining a positive attitude, but it will also refocus your team on the strategy for moving forward and beyond the chaos.  Provide your team with the confidence to face the chaos and emerge stronger.
What is one way you can impact others around you?   Strengthen your leadership by elevating and caring for others.

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