To Get There

by blogadmin 25. February 2020 04:52


Our focus, as a country, on past and current problems, robs us of our opportunity to think strategically. When leaders focus on the here and now, they create short term solutions that may meet the most urgent of needs but fails to create a pathway to achieve great results.

Thinking strategically allows us to have greater impact both now and in the future. Leaders who invest time in planning and considering how best to utilize resources and create opportunities will always outpace their peers.

Begin now by setting time aside for planning and focusing on your longer-term goals. Each hour spent in planning will save you countless hours in short term reactions that are costly. A general guide is that a leader should spend at least 1 – 2 hours a week planning and thinking strategically. Schedule your time now to ensure that you reach your destination!

Decisions Can Be Simple

by blogadmin 18. February 2020 01:35


There are certainly complex situations that demand serious thought and creativity to solve. However, many times the decisions we make are not hard because of the complex situations. They are hard when we know what we should do, and we hesitate to do so because of what it may cost us.

As you listen to this clip, reflect on decisions you have made or need to make. Are you hesitating because you do not know the right decision, or because you are uncomfortable with the cost? Doing what is right will always serve you well in the end. Even if others disagree or do not follow, you will always have the self-respect of doing what is right. 


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Leadership Wealth

by blogadmin 4. February 2020 01:16

 Successful leaders understand that trust is critical if we want others to follow us. Nothing else will matter if we cannot gain the trust of our team members, clients, and stakeholders.

Trust is born out of the way we treat people and being consistent no matter what the circumstances. When people understand what values our thoughts and actions stem from, they can trust who we are and our character. Successful leaders are rich, not because of the wealth they achieve, but because of the wealth they amass in relationships.

Treat people as being of real importance and value, demonstrate respect for each one, communicate your gratitude that they have chosen to work for you; and watch your relationships grow. Create great impact by prioritizing the respect you show for others.



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