Successful Leaders = Distinctive Leaders

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Rhoda Kreuzer | Leadership Edition | July 2, 2018

Successful leaders are different from their peers. It is not that they are smarter, faster, or luckier than the others. While all these traits help; they do not make the most significant difference. Successul leaders have two distinctives that set them apart:

1.  The way they think. Successful leaders are curious and ask "how things would be better if...". They are open to new ideas and information that may reshape and refine their own ideas. They approach new ideas courageously with a positive attitude and an open mind that allows them to see possibilities, not obstacles or flaws.

2. Finding joy in discovery and learning. Successful leaders are curious and seek to uncover hidden gems or truths that others have ignored. They are enthusiastic and utilize an investigative approach. This keeps them positive, progressive and on the forefront of business or service.

As Agatha Christie's character, Hercule Poirot, often said, "it is using the little gray cells" that make the difference.

Personal Challenge:

How can you set yourself apart in your thinking and your approach each day? Will you begin today with more brain power and a bigger smile?


You Say You're Approachable?

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Rhoda Kreuzer | Special Communication Edition | April 25, 2018

At times, we can all come across with an aloof attitude or seem put out. We all have our moments, but some dwell in Sourville. Your ability to connect with people and stay connected is directly determined on how approachable you are. Simon Sinek puts it another way in his Ted Talk, "Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe".

Colleagues and customers will marginalize you if you lack approachability. Family and friends may even disconnect from you if they cannot gain your attention, if you always seem moody, appear constantly busy, or put yourself on a pedastal. If people cannot trust the consistency of your attitude and moods, they simply will not trust you. They will stop approaching you and communications shut down. No communications means no team work.

Personal Challenge: 

Take a short quiz published by to get an idea of just how approachable you are. Score yourself and then think about the suggested strategies for becoming more approachable in 4 different areas: Look Available, Listening Skills, Verbal Communication, and Body Language. Focus most on where your score is low. What simple change to the way your manage or communicate will make the most impact? 


Hmmm...Too Busy Working To Make Your Business Successful?

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Rhoda Kreuzer | Leadership Edition

Effective leadership is more than getting things done and doing things right. It is also about focusing on the right priorities. Leaders agree that there is tremendous urgency to complete projects and see results as quickly as possible. While this sounds like a good thing, the "busyness" of being good often keeps us from the great. Neuroscience research video demonstrates how strategic leaders use their brain differently than busy leaders.

Greatness takes time to think about how one paradigm or unrelated concepts might intersect with your business world. Consider how one small change can profoundly impact your business model. Spending 30 minutes per week in strategic thought and planning makes a significant difference in the growth you will experience in business and leadership.

Strong leaders and sucessful businesses possess the courage and the discipline to set aside weekly time to view their business through many lenses, putting purpose and mission at the center. They are open to new approaches and value their others' input.

Strong leaders prioritize relationships with others who are open, inspiring, and challenging. They build alliances with other strong leaders to foster growth. These cohesive relationships are essential to business success and building leadership skills now and in the future.

How will you spend your day? Where can you schedule 30 minutes in your work week to strategize? I challenge you to set and send yourself a weekly calendar invite. Creativity, fulfillment, and joy will also come along with the business success!


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