8 Things Successful People Never Waste Time Doing

by blogadmin 30. August 2017 01:35

When we feel overwhelmed and stressed, it's often best to start with what might be wasting our time. We should take a reflective moment to assess our actvities, attitude, thoughts, and relationships. To get started, Cynthia Bazen suggests 8 Things Successful People Never Waste Time Doing (and you shouldn't either).

Productive, successful people DO NOT:

-get sucked into social media

-go through the day without a plan 

-do emotionally draining activities

-worry about things they can't control

-hang out with negative people

-dwell on past mistakes

-focus on what other people are doing

-put themselves last in priority 

Personal Application:

-Where in your life or from the above list can you unload what is weighing you down? What kind of activities, attitude, thoughts, and relationships will positively fuel your life? 


Do You Spend or Invest Time?

by blogadmin 18. August 2017 01:11

Time is a precious resource. However, unlike other resources, we only have the time allotted to us.

Therefore, it is important that we invest our time rather than spend it. I'd define investing as devoting time to an activity whose primary benefit won't be immediately realized. It is involving ourselves in things that have a return or impact on our teams and organizations at work and our family and friends at home. 

Personal Application:

 Are you spending time or investing your time? Is it bringing value and longevity to your activities and relationships? The answer may predict whether we are truly successful in all areas of our lives. 


Are You A Belief Magnet?

by blogadmin 26. July 2017 02:25

Those with huge positive influence understand the power of relationships, connection, and engaging others. They know that supportive, authentic, and trusting relationships are the building blocks to mutual success.

As leaders, John Maxwell encourages us to set people up for success. When you believe in them to start with, and communicate that belief, you become a magnet, drawing them to you. Then when you mentor, equip or engage with them, you are giving them the tools and experiences that keep them on the path with you. Finally, when you allow them to own the victory, you help them make yoiur belief their own.

I hope you will be a belief magnet to the people you lead, work with, and service. It increases their morale and trust because they want to be close to you. It shows them what they are capable of - increasing their self-belief. This is the ultimate transfer of leadership. 

 Personal Application:

-In relationships, conversations, and meetings, do you take the time to affirm others? If not, in what ways can you begin to do so today? With words of praise and support? Sending a card? Scheduling a lunch?

-With co-workers, colleagues, and clients, do you share what you know? How can your ideas, experiences, and innovations bring value to others? 


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