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Remember the days when companies like IBM and others would require their sales professionals to dress in a suit and tie or a dress/suit. It was a company uniform even in the heat of summer. By dressing in a very professional manner the message was, “You can trust us with your business”.

However, today the business culture has adopted a more casual dress code. So what is considered an acceptable presentation for business meetings? How do you make a favorable impression without appearing out of touch? A general rule of thumb is to dress one level above the person you are going to meet. For example, if you are going to meet with someone who is wearing jeans, you might want to wear dress pants/slacks with a dress shirt or blouse, but no tie or jacket. If you are going to meet someone who is wearing a tie, but no jacket you might add the jacket to your outfit. In this way you can provide a professional image without making your client feel uncomfortable. Even the way you accessorize your outfit can make a difference in how you are perceived. Wearing more casual jewelry or a jacket that is less tailored can dress up an outfit while still feel accepting.

Remember, your appearance is an important part of your brand and can help set the tone of a meeting. Proactively consider who you are meeting with throughout your day and decide how you can “Sell Yourself”!
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Two Heads Are Better Than One.

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Rhoda Kreuzer | Leadership In Action | Team Building Edition

"None of us is as smart as all of us." ~Ken Blanchard

This old adage tells a truth that we would be wise to remember. The reality is if we have a purpose or mission that is important, it will take more than one person to accomplish it.

A leader cannot do it on their own, nor can any one team member accomplish it by themselves. Truly great things are accomplished through collaboration and openness to new ideas. It takes the sum knowledge and talents of everyone on the team.

Take your most complex issue. How long have you been struggling to solve that issue? Consider how much better it would be to tap into someone else's ideas or perspective.

Personal Challenge:

-Who do you need to ask for input and advice?

-Who can assist you in reaching great goals together? 

Who Loves Taco Bell? Here's WHY.

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Rhoda Kreuzer | Leadership In Action | Building Healthy Teams Edition  

Do you want your team to work together? To pull in the same direction? Then you must tell them WHY it matters.

Leaders often believe that they have communicated effectively by providing instructions on what to do, issuing a due date, etc. This is nothing more than giving your team members data. What engages people is giving them understanding on the importance of the work they are doing and WHY it matters. When people are aligned and engaged in their work, they produce and strive for excellence.

This works effectively for Taco Bell. Greg Creed, CEO, firmly agrees "Getting alignment is very important, and how I gain it is by doing 3 things: You tell people what, you tell people how, but must importantly, and it's not something we're particularly good at is you have to tell them WHY...

(1) Telling them what, engages their heads.

(2) Telling them how engages their hands.

(3) Telling them WHY engages their HEARTS and enables you to make an emotional connection. This gets you the best alignment."

Click here to view a one minute video on the explanation of Simon Sinek's Golden Circle to understand more about how to craft and share your WHY. 

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