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by blogadmin 3. September 2019 02:43
Remember the days when companies like IBM and others would require their sales professionals to dress in a suit and tie or a dress/suit. It was a company uniform even in the heat of summer. By dressing in a very professional manner the message was, “You can trust us with your business”.

However, today the business culture has adopted a more casual dress code. So what is considered an acceptable presentation for business meetings? How do you make a favorable impression without appearing out of touch? A general rule of thumb is to dress one level above the person you are going to meet. For example, if you are going to meet with someone who is wearing jeans, you might want to wear dress pants/slacks with a dress shirt or blouse, but no tie or jacket. If you are going to meet someone who is wearing a tie, but no jacket you might add the jacket to your outfit. In this way you can provide a professional image without making your client feel uncomfortable. Even the way you accessorize your outfit can make a difference in how you are perceived. Wearing more casual jewelry or a jacket that is less tailored can dress up an outfit while still feel accepting.

Remember, your appearance is an important part of your brand and can help set the tone of a meeting. Proactively consider who you are meeting with throughout your day and decide how you can “Sell Yourself”!
Have a positive week,
Rhoda Kreuzer
CEO, Leadership Coach 


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Oh No! Rejected Again.

by blogadmin 26. June 2019 03:16

John Karle | Leadership In Action | Sales Edition

Many salespeople lament the fact that they suffer so much from rejection in their work. When someone says, "No" to their proposal, the go back to the office deflated. It can be discouraging.

However, there is a flaw in assuming they are rejecting us. Sales is more about identifying the needs of the other party and then developing solutions to meet those needs. Nowhere in that equation is there an evaluation of us. When someone says "No" to our proposal, it is about the proposed solutions. Certainly, we can learn to be more intuitive and effective in our sales work, but it is not a rejection.

If someone feels our solution is not the answer or that the timing isn't right, they are simply stating their current needs. Successful salespeople learn to navigate those experiences and learn from them. They do not take it personally, but rather glean a deeper understanding of how to serve others well.

Personal Challenge:

-How can you view "No" as an opportunity to learn and grow from the experience?

-What did you miss in the preparation or proposal that you can change for the next time to reach a different result? 

The Most Valuable Currency in the World

by blogadmin 15. April 2019 01:56


What is the most valuable currency in the world? Gold? Diamonds? While they have monetary value, they are not a match for the true answer to the question. TRUST is the most valuable currency--in relationships. You cannot buy trust or manufacture it.

Some say, "Just trust me"! We expect people to trust us because we are nice enough. But trust is earned based on several factors. Reflect on how you answer to the below questions.

-Integrity: Do you tell the truth and act in a way that people feel is consistent to what you say?

-Sincerity: Do you convey that you are sincere in what you are expressing or is it merely a script; something you feel you are supposed to say? 

-Accountability: Do you willingly admit to yourself and others about mistakes you've made?

-Follow-Through: Do you follow through and do what you say?

Nobody is perfect. But if we want to develop strong trust with others, we must practice and master these key areas. Trust is critical to every relationship we want to build and every goal we want to achieve.

Personal Challenge:

How will you strengthen your trust with others this week?

All The Best,

John Karle

Senior Sales Consultant 

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