Stay In The Right Lane

by blogadmin 18. June 2018 03:09

Rhoda Kreuzer  |  Team Building Edition  | June 18, 2018

While driving down a winding road, I quickly came upon a sharp curve in the road. As I started braking, I had that sinking feeling - you know the one where an adrenaline rush follows? I had an overwhelming fear of going into the ditch. Well, I was able to keep control, applying the brakes well enough to make it through the turn and keep on going. After driving awhile, I realized indeed that there were guardrails; a preventative measure set in place to help keep people in their lane, on the road and safe from harm.

In life, teams seem to work at such a fast speed that when there are turns, twists, and changes ahead, they struggle or without much thought must make the needed adjustment. It is taxing and stressful to operate this way. 

Are you picking the right team members? (What happened when Steve Jobs did.) Do you have guardrails for your team? Are there boundaries that prevent them from moving outside their "lane"? How do you coach them (here's one good approach) so that they keep aligned, focused, and in their "lane" heading for the right destination without obstacles? By setting expectations, boundaries, and building in accountability for their work, you create a sound environment for them to make solid decisions.

Your team will enjoy the journey, arrive at their destination safely, on time, and ready to "hit the road" again!

Personal Challenge:

Where does your team seem to face obstacles and get held up the most? What guardrails and boundaries will help them stay on track and in the right "lane"? How can you change your approach in leadership to include more coaching, accountability, and recognition? Start today and enjoy the ride!


Are You Courageous Enough To Lead?

by blogadmin 1. June 2018 03:13

Rhoda Kreuzer | Leadership Edition | June 4, 2018

Many people think that leadership is easy. They look at the generous salary, they look at the comfortable office, they look at the flexible schedule and imagine that it'd be great to be in leadership. And, to be sure, it is indeed a privilege to be in a leadership role.

When you look closer, leadership is also a responsibility to serve others, to make tough decisions, and to take huge risks. Leadership requires courage and is not for the faint of heart. Courage allows us to do the right thing even when it would be tempting to take the easy way out. Courage causes us to persevere when the economy is weak.

Most importantly, however, true leaders also demonstrate courage in every day ways by:

(1) Displaying optimism by always pointing to a better future.

(2) Always believing the best about others.

(3) Striving for excellence in all they do.

(4) Overcoming obstacles in their path. 

True leaders choose to be courageous. They are not born that way, but they choose each day to chase their dream by acting on what they know to be right and serving others.

Personal Challenge: 

Today is your day! Leading is a privilege. Choose to be courageous! 


How Ideal Am I?

by blogadmin 16. May 2018 04:55

Rhoda Kreuzer | Leadership & Team Building | May 21, 2018

Everytime I hear the word "ideal", I tend to try and picture myself as the "ideal" mother, consultant, neighbor, or person. However, it doesn't take too long before I realize that "ideal" does not always match with reality.

When applied to being an Ideal Team Player or Leader, author Patrick Lencioni assigns three key attributes. Being Humble, Hungry, and Smart makes one ideal according to Lencioni.

Humble is defined as having an accurate self-view. Not thinking too highly of ourselves or lacking confidence in our abilities. Hungry is defined as want to make an impact, reaching goals, or striving to succeed. Smart is defined as our EQ - our awareness of how we impact others, of how others will react, of how to form strong relationships. Click HERE to learn how to spot ideal team players.


Each of these three characteristics is equally important to be an ideal team player or leader. So, which of these do you struggle with the most? How can you improve in that area to become a stronger team player or leader? Set a goal and  begin now to work towards the person everyone wants leading or on their team! 

All the best,


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