Agility in a World that Craves Stability

by blogadmin 29. April 2020 01:18

Many people long for security and stability in their lives and work. This is a natural longing for creating order and proficiency in our work. Stability includes the desire to perfect and create processes, which is not all bad. It can be counter to what allows us to thrive if we stay in that lane.
Thriving in our new economy requires being nimble, agile, and possessing a quick response time to changing needs. We have witnessed recently how both government and companies have changed dramatically in response to COVID-19.
While we are not always faced with such a huge crisis, there are times when industries will change requiring companies to pivot, clients’ needs will shift, new markets will emerge and more. Staying open and alert to these shifts allows us to be on the front edge of change.
Leaders must remain open to new ways of reinventing themselves and their teams. This ability to be agile requires a high EQ, and the ability to have strong trust and transparency within our team. It will require us not to be complacent, but rather learn how to pivot quickly as our world and market change.
How are you equipping yourself and your team to be more agile? Make this a priority and watch your team soar!

Courageous Leadership

by blogadmin 3. March 2020 02:56

Leaders will often avoid risks due to the uncertainty of the outcome. This seems sensible and even desirable as we seek to protect our organizations from failure and risk. We talk about risk management and purchase insurance to ease the risk of failure. Leaders commission studies and consider options until the window of opportunity has passed. 


However, leadership requires us to take risks and exercise courage when faced with uncertainty. The true measure of a leader is not whether they will ever risk and fail, but whether they are willing to innovate, and try new things to gain greater opportunities even though it may not work out.

Fear keeps us from some of the greatest opportunities in life. Most of our greatest inventions came from someone who was persistent through one or more failures. How is fear holding you back? Take one new step of courage so that your organization can learn and grow.

Leadership Is Not For The Fearful!

by blogadmin 14. February 2020 01:30


 Leadership requires courage to speak truth, to stand up for what is right, and to do the right thing. As you listen to this TED Talk, ask yourself in what area do you need to display courageous leadership. 

Let's step out and be leaders of influence by displaying courage!

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