Teamwork Requires A "We" Focus

by blogadmin 12. October 2020 06:38

You hear organizations talk about silos, and people not working well with each other. At heart, these issues are based on a “me” focus. What are my goals, my needs, and my desires? Questions such as, “Am I better off staying here?” are focused on ‘my’ needs versus what I am contributing to make this a great team and great place to work.

True teamwork is about a “we” focus. With a “we” focus, we are attuned to the needs of others on the team, we see our goals through what is best for the team, and we give freely to others without keeping track of how much others have given to us. A better question is, how are we contributing to the team here? Are we giving to our peers?

A “we” focus allows us and others to be authentic by directing our focus on the collective goals, thus how we can assist our team members in reaching these goals. It creates joy from working as a team to accomplish something important and that is bigger than any one person. It produces the realization that we can do so much more when combining our talents and that we truly are aiming for the same outcomes.

Where is your focus today? Let’s strengthen our teams by adopting a “we” focus and watch the tremendous impact made as a result.


Set The Bar High

by blogadmin 18. September 2020 02:05

     Strong leadership is not about how much you earn or your title, it is about your ability to challenge yourself and others to act with integrity, purpose, and to set high standards. Mediocrity and complacency should be rejected in favor of stretching further and challenging ourselves to reach new goals.

     Additionally, if leaders model the behaviors and attitudes they wish to see from their teams, their credibility, and the trust in them grows. How leaders act will have greater impact on their team than mere words. Your actions will create momentum and show your commitment to excel.

     In what areas can you challenge yourself to greater excellence? Commit to being a leader that others can trust and want to emulate! 


Insight for Leaders

by blogadmin 27. July 2020 07:44



These words of Rep. John Lewis provide important insight into leadership. Rep. Lewis understood that leadership starts with observing and learning about the issues facing those you serve. It requires engagement and a concern for the well being of your team members. While it is easy to be consumed with finances or reports or meetings, the most important characteristic of leadership is engaging with your team.

However, our responsibility as leaders does not stop there. It continues to speak out on behalf of others. Too often this responsibility is set aside because it does not affect us personally. To be a leader means that you speak into issues where you can make a difference. You use your position or influence to help others. Leadership means that we sacrifice the right to do only what is in our best interest. It means doing what is in the best interest of the team and community.

Finally, as leaders we must act. Correcting a situation, advocating for change, and investing in your team are all ways we can be strong leaders. If we fail to act, we diminish those we serve, and that is not leadership. To act takes courage, especially when it would be easier to let someone else do the work. Leaders understand the privilege and the responsibility to not only see something, but to say something, and to do something.

As you lead, look for opportunities to make a difference on behalf of others. 

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