Leadership Is Not For The Fearful!

by blogadmin 14. February 2020 01:30


 Leadership requires courage to speak truth, to stand up for what is right, and to do the right thing. As you listen to this TED Talk, ask yourself in what area do you need to display courageous leadership. 

Let's step out and be leaders of influence by displaying courage!

Leadership Wealth

by blogadmin 4. February 2020 01:16

 Successful leaders understand that trust is critical if we want others to follow us. Nothing else will matter if we cannot gain the trust of our team members, clients, and stakeholders.

Trust is born out of the way we treat people and being consistent no matter what the circumstances. When people understand what values our thoughts and actions stem from, they can trust who we are and our character. Successful leaders are rich, not because of the wealth they achieve, but because of the wealth they amass in relationships.

Treat people as being of real importance and value, demonstrate respect for each one, communicate your gratitude that they have chosen to work for you; and watch your relationships grow. Create great impact by prioritizing the respect you show for others.



Simple Strategies

by blogadmin 30. January 2020 04:30

Watch this video! Continue your 2020 momentum toward your goals!


Happy 2020! Some of you made goals this New Year and it is easy to lose that momentum by the end of January. I felt it would be good to take a few minutes to listen to great advice from a few great business leaders on how to make 2020 awesome!
As you listen to the wise words in this video clip, consider which simple strategies you need to take action on this year!

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