Essential Workers

by blogadmin 19. August 2020 01:09


      In the last several months we have heard the term “Essential Workers” used repetitiously. The term is used to denote those workers without whom essential functions would not occur. This includes nurses, doctors, IT providers, transportation operators, refuse collectors, postal workers and more. Through this pandemic we have gained an appreciation for those people who provide for and take care of our most basic needs.

     This has been a great change from days when these occupations went unnoticed or certainly under appreciated. However, consider this question. Who on your team is not “Essential” to your company? Would you want to go without maintenance? What about security? Dietary? As you go through the list of people who work at your company, it soon becomes apparent that there is no such thing as “Non-Essential” workers.

     In spite of this truth, many of us neglect to let people know how much we value them and need them. Communicating someone’s value is not about money but rather about our personal attention and respect. When we express appreciation, open doors for them to develop, and show confidence in their abilities; you are giving them something worth far more than money. These actions unleash their potential and engages them in our purpose.

     Begin, today, to recognize how “Essential” your team is to your business. Find ways to let them know how grateful you are that they are using their abilities to make the team and company shine. The return on this investment of recognition and effort is overwhelming!

Leadership Defined

by blogadmin 14. August 2020 02:13


Leadership is often misunderstood.  Some would aspire to leadership because they feel you can do what you want, you gain privilege, or you may become rich.  Actually, leadership has less to do with ourselves and more to do with those we are leading.


True leadership is about:


*Uniting People.  Strengthens our teams and organizations.

*Uplifting others.  Creates an inclusive environment.

*Providing support for those without confidence.  Encourages them to contribute.

*Speaking truth.  Creates trust in the things we need most.

*Offering transparency.  Presents a true picture of reality.

*Welcoming people who disagree.  Creates strength and draws out truth.

*Envisioning a better world.  Creates a large and significant vision.

*Seeking power for the benefit of others.  Creates opportunity.

*Giving a voice to those with less power.  Creates justice.

*Forgiving.  Strengthens relationships and enriches us.


Great leaders are not perfect, but they always seek the best for those they serve.  They seek to unite, support, and heal divides.  They work with others to create great vision and include every voice so that everyone will benefit from the realization of that dream.  They commit themselves to a mission that is bigger than themselves and even their lifetime.


The question is what kind of leader will we be?  As we go about our work, reflect on whether we will commit to be a strong leader.  Let’s join together to enrich the lives of those we lead.


Are You Ready to Succeed?

by blogadmin 5. August 2020 01:10



There is a myth that states that ‘Once we get past this (whatever this is), everything will be fine.’  Embedded in that statement is the idea that once we get over certain obstacles, life will be normal or smooth again.   For many, there is a belief that success is having things run smoothly, the lack of obstacles, and enjoying stability.

However, the reality is that growth and learning often comes hand in hand with obstacles.  In fact, I would suggest that the more important something is to accomplish, the more obstacles there will be.  If there were no challenges, we would already have accomplished that goal.  Success requires us to be ready to encounter obstacles and stretch further than before.

As leaders our goal should be focused on how far we can stretch to make new and important contributions.  Approach obstacles with an understanding that rolling up our sleeves and digging in is how we learn and expand our abilities. This stretching and learning makes us stronger and more capable of leading those we serve.  It requires us to give the best of what we have to offer if we are to accomplish great things. 

Ask yourself whether you are:

                *Playing it safe.  Are you using obstacles as an excuse not to stretch and try new things?

                *Complaining.  Are you complaining about how hard it is to grow instead of committing to the challenge?

                *Waiting for the perfect time.  Are you waiting until everything is perfected, or everyone agrees on the direction?

You can change your trajectory!  Rise to success one obstacle at a time.

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