You Say You're Approachable?

by blogadmin 25. April 2018 04:43

Rhoda Kreuzer | Special Communication Edition | April 25, 2018

At times, we can all come across with an aloof attitude or seem put out. We all have our moments, but some dwell in Sourville. Your ability to connect with people and stay connected is directly determined on how approachable you are. Simon Sinek puts it another way in his Ted Talk, "Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe".

Colleagues and customers will marginalize you if you lack approachability. Family and friends may even disconnect from you if they cannot gain your attention, if you always seem moody, appear constantly busy, or put yourself on a pedastal. If people cannot trust the consistency of your attitude and moods, they simply will not trust you. They will stop approaching you and communications shut down. No communications means no team work.

Personal Challenge: 

Take a short quiz published by to get an idea of just how approachable you are. Score yourself and then think about the suggested strategies for becoming more approachable in 4 different areas: Look Available, Listening Skills, Verbal Communication, and Body Language. Focus most on where your score is low. What simple change to the way your manage or communicate will make the most impact? 


Recognizing Team Dysfunction

by blogadmin 19. April 2018 01:51

Rhoda Kreuzer | Team Building | Book Review 

Can't get a handle on why your team is functioning well?

Author Patrick Lencioni offers insightful explanation in his book, The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

The greatest take-away after reading this book was being able to give these issues a name and matching description. These dysfunctions are pervasive in all kinds of organizations (corportate, non-profit, and even small groups). It is difficult to pinpoint the root cause of problems we see, but this book does just that. By identifying the dysfunctions by name, leaders can now be on the lookout for them and learn to address the root causes that keep teams from reaching their full potential.

Click here to view a short Lencioni video on our YouTube channel playlist.

Click here for a pin/printable on the 5 Dysfunctions and how to fix them.

Click here to contact me about interactive training for your team.

If you recognize any of these dysfunctions in your team, I encourage you to read this book. It will help discern where and how to begin building a healthy team. 

All the Best,


QUIZ: Is It Sexual Harassment?

by blogadmin 28. March 2018 01:14

Sexual harassment is making the news alot these days, but most of the complaints HR hears about today aren't quite as clear cut or egregious. How do you understand which behaviors warrant attention?

The Society For Human Resource Management or SHRM has developed a brief quiz for business owners, leaders, and HR Professionals looking for answers. Click HERE to begin the quiz on SHRM's website and peruse their resources.


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