Become Confident: Silence The Self-Doubt

by blogadmin 25. October 2017 03:18

Confidence is a key part of success in business. It is about having trust in what you know and your abilities to handle unexpected events that happen in all facets of your life. It is that unexplainable and untouchable attribute that allows you to get in touch with that inner self and allows you to express yourself fully. The good news is that confidence is a trait that can be strengthened over time. Review these 9 Ways To Show More Confidence:

1. Package yourself for success. When you look the part, you'll carry  yourself with more confidence. Dress for the occasion.

2. Correct your posture. Poor posture may make you appear insecure, disinterested, or lazy. Don't slouch in meetings or with clients and colleagues. 

3. Do your best to worry less. Don't stress about what others think about you. Negative self-talk can quickly make you feel as though others are evaluating every error and misstep you make. Focus on the things you do well and give the assignment and credit to others that do things better than you.

4. Focus on the future. If you find yourself caught in the minutia of daily business, remind yourself to think about your dreams on focus on your goals.

5. Embrace positivity. Show gratitude for small acts of kindness and be appreciative of those around you. If you make a habit of being positive and grateful, it will become second nature.

6. Let go of small mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes so don't expect to be perfect or you'll drive yourself and others crazy. If you make a mistake with a client or colleague, take responsibility. Apologize and move forward. 

7. Continue to grow and improve. A small accomplishment can help boost your confidence, even if it's not entirely related to your business. Learn a new skill, read a new book, or take a class. Invest in yourself.

8. Schedule time to play. If you put in a lot of work hours and never take time to rest,  you'll eventually push yourself towards burnout and your attitude will suffer. Make sure to take your lunch break and set aside time to do the things you love in life.

9. Don't be afraid to ask for advice. Whenever you find yourself in an epic struggle against self-doubt or insecurity, call a trusted friend, advisor, or colleague and get his or her best advice. Often an objective opinion will help you look at life differently, overcome your challenges, and boost your confidence.

Making the work on building self-confidence could actually affect the success in your life. It is an important decision!

Personal Application:

-Do you put yourself in positions to pretend to be what you are not? If so, why do you err to over-advocating for yourself instead of being genuine? What steps can you take today, to do your best and worry less?

-When is the last time you've read an industry related or self-help book or taken a class or seminar? What holds you back from learning something new and improving your work skills?

-Does asking for advice make you feel uncomfortable? How so? Will you challenge yourself to learn from others?


Systems Thinkers Are Self-Aware

by blogadmin 18. October 2017 01:05

SELF-AWARE people practice SYSTEMS thinking not simply GOAL Setting.

The difference between GOALS (DOING) and SYSTEMS (BEING) is that one focuses on specific results, whereas the other is based on values, purpose, and who you are designed to be.

GOALS are temporary milestones you set out to reach. SYSTEMS are flexible patterns of thinking, emerging insights, and multiple perspectives that have a fulfilling effect on your life. See some great examples below by Siim Land:


GOAL-Earn an annual income of 100,000 VS. SYSTEMS-Learning and increasing your knowledge about marketing and finance, and constantly implementing them into your business is a system for getting wealthy

GOAL-Lose 10 pounds by the end of the year VS. SYSTEMS-Eating healthy and consistent physical exercise is a system towards losing weight and maintaining excellent body composition

GOAL-Write a bestselling book VS. SYSTEMS-Practing writing, researching, tinkering with one's skills is a system for becoming a master writer and thus creating a bestseller

GOAL-Get a degree in college VS. SYSTEMS-Studying, reading and self-improvement every day is a system for getting smarter and developing yourself as a person 


Yes, GOALS are helpful to reach short-term achievements within the big picture. But, it's always about staying on your calling, where the fine details will most definitely change over time. SYSTEMS free you from the outcome and are more consistent. AND no worries, SYSTEMS can be updated.

Personal Application:

-Do you set the same personal or work goals again and again?

-When you achieve your goal, do you feel fulfilled? Why or why not?

-As you learn about people or new things, are you willing to change your perspectives? How would this lead to increased understanding about yourself and others?

-Where might a small change - even those not yet considered - have a long-lasting, desired effect?

Good News & Success!

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Do You Display the 4 Facets of Self-Awareness?

by blogadmin 12. October 2017 04:35

Self-Awareness can be the most challenging to develop, but it can also serve as a foundation for strengthening your other leadership skills. How? Take a moment to learn more about 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Self-Awareness. 


Personal Application:
How do you view experiences - good or bad? Do you repeatedly visit the experience to gain new insight - to make a change?
What qualities make you unique? How does that translate as a leader?
Do you provide a consistent experience in all circumstances and with each person? Why not? 

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