Change is Constant

by blogadmin 16. February 2009 00:18

A quote that has been used for years is; “Nothing is for sure, except death and taxes.”  Today, we would need to revise that statement to read; “Nothing is for sure except death, taxes and change!”  Change is coming quicker than ever.

Change that would normally happen over a period of 5 to ten years, is now occurring within a one year period.  From our economy to technology to business practices, we are all being asked to adapt to change quickly. For many, change is uncomfortable or awkward.  So how can we adapt quickly to the changes we face?  One way is to embrace change with a positive attitude.  If we stop viewing change as negative it will assist us in moving forward more quickly.

Leaders can look forward to our next “opportunity”.  This means watching trends and identifying how that trend could be a benefit to our company.  If we anticipate the benefits of change, it will assist us in reinventing ourselves and our organizations to succeed in the future!

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