Conversational Sales

by blogadmin 8. May 2009 06:40

Questions are the most powerful communication tool we possess.  Not sure you agree?  Next time you are in a conversation with someone, time how long you can listen before you become uncomfortable or bored.  For most of us that time span is only a matter of minutes if not less.   

Why then do sales professionals continue to drone on about their products or services, when the person they are speaking with has stopped listening?  The person may still be looking at you, or occasionally nodding their heads, but they mentally are not engaged.  Most likely they are wondering how quickly they can end the conversation and move on to something that is more interesting for them. 

The best tool a sales professional can utilize is asking questions.  Open-ended questions draw the other person out and help to identify their needs.  Asking questions about their business, challenges, and changes on the horizon, along with any number of other issues, demonstrates respect and a genuine interest in them.  You will then be in a position to communicate the relevant aspects of your products or services, instead of a monologue to which no one is listening. 

Want to increase your sales?  Set a goal of asking more questions and listening closely to the answers.  A wonderful goal might be to spend at least 50% of the conversation in asking them questions.  You might be surprised what your prospective clients will tell you about themselves and their needs.  Sales appointments will become much more enjoyable and effective when they are a two way dialogue. 

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