Leadership requires Courage

by blogadmin 15. March 2010 07:54

For those striving to achieve leadership roles, it may appear that leaders have it easy.  Many of those around a leader see their flexible schedule, level of responsibility, and think how wonderful it would be to walk in those shoes.  What could be so hard about being a leader?

However, true leadership is not about the perks, or the flexible schedule or the other things that many observe on the surface.  True leadership is about making the difficult decisions that will be in the best interest of the organization long term.  It is about taking the challenges on knowing that others may criticize your decisions or actions.  It is knowing that without the leader stepping into the gap and seizing the moment, our organizations will not thrive.

Leadership requires the courage to not only do the tough things, but also to take the blame when things go wrong.  To be humble enough and honest enough to say we made a mistake.  Our clients and team members understand when we fail, but they do expect honesty and a willingness to acknowledge our part in what went wrong.  This again is where possessing the courage to be honest strengthens our leadership.  It draws people to us and creates respect.

Leadership is knowing that others are counting on us and we cannot let them down.  As leaders, we must take the responsibility to do the right thing, do it consistently, and persevere even when things are tough.  True leadership inspires others not because they are so great--but because they are courageous!  Make the commitment today to exercise courage even in tough times!

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