Sales: Seize the Moment

by blogadmin 12. April 2010 12:12

Most of us have let opportunities go by because we were not watching for them.  We became aware of an opportunity too late and thus missed a golden opportunity!  Sales people are often caught up in making their rounds, and meeting with the same people they have met with for years.  They are lulled into a false sense of activity and fail to notice the new trend, or the new opportunity that presents itself.

Effective sales people will continue to ask themselves, "What else could they do to gain sales and new contacts?"  They scan the community and market for new opportunities and keep their ear to the ground to quickly identify new opportunities.  This requires that they are plugged into key contacts and information sources to stay ahead of the curve.  One of their highest priorities is to identify new opportunities and proactively plan new strategies.  When a slower day or week appears in their calendar, they are not slowing down and taking longer lunches.   Instead they ask, how can they fill their sales funnel with appointments and new opportunities. 

They spend time developing their creative thought processes and looking for ways to excel.  The successful sales person is never satisfied with their accomplishments, but knows that staying on the cutting edge is critical to continued success.  Many of them hire a sales coach to achieve finely honed skills. 

Ask yourself the following questions:  

What opportunities have been missed?  What was the last time you invested in developing your skills?  How are you furthering your creative thought processes?  How are you tapping into information sources within the community?

The answer to these questions may begin to portray your success quotiant.  We are committed to assisting professionals in their quest to excel and provide excellent service to their clients.  The greatest differentiation between sales representatives is preparation.  If you want to stand out, begin investing in these activities that will get you noticed.

Contact us to find out how you can tap into customized learning opportunities sure to increase your opportunity for success!                                                                                                                            

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