Make Today Count

by blogadmin 7. April 2014 02:27

Many leaders and professionals complain about how busy they are; how many meetings they have to attend, and how they wish they had more time in their day.  At the end of each day they go home thinking that they have so much that was left undone and wishing they could have accomplished more during the day.  This pattern repeats itself over and over with the frustration mounting that as a professional they cannot seem to take control of their day.

Is it the fault of the corporation?  Is the professional just not organized or able to multi-task?  These would seem to be logical questions but many times these questions miss the mark of the true problem.  I would suggest instead that most professionals do not really understand the reason their company is in business or what their real priorities are for the day, week, month, or year.  In fact, many leaders direct their focus based on deadlines.  Whichever deadline looms the closest is what they pay attention to whether that will have significant impact or not.

To make your day count you must fight that tendency and instead begin your day, week, month and year with a crystal clear focus on the priorities for that time period.  Based on what we are setting out to accomplish as an organization, what are the things that must happen in order for us to succeed.  Put those activities in your calendar first and do not allow your day to pass until you have completed them.  This will seem difficult at first but the longer you practice organizing your day in such a fashion, the more value and impact you will have.

Don't just "spend" today, "invest" it and reap the rich rewards!   

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