The Power of Shared Thinking

by blogadmin 18. May 2017 01:38
Good thinkers, especially those who are good leaders, understand the power of shared thinking. John Maxwell of How Successful People Think has found that those who participate in shared thinking understand the following:

1. Shared thinking is faster that solo thinking. You can always learn more from someone who has more experience.
2. Shared thinking is more innovative than solo thinking. If you combine your thoughts with the thoughts of others, you will come up with thoughts you've never had!

3. Shared thinking brings more maturity than solo thinking. Put people together and they bring a broader range of personal history - and therefore maturity - to the table. If you don't have the experience you need, hook up with someone who does.
4. Shared thinking is stronger than solo thinking. A synergy and energy comes from working together.

5. Shared thinking returns greater value than solo thinking. The company and personal return from figuring things out together yields reward.
6. Shared thinking is the only way to have great thinking. Every great idea begins with 3 or 4 good ideas.
1. In what areas of your job responsibilities can you include others to learn more and improve what you do?
2. Who can you include next time to reap the benefits and rewards of shared thinking? 


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