3 Keys To Rebuilding Trust

by blogadmin 28. June 2017 01:44

Last time, we talked about what makes a person a trusted individual and gave you a trust model to build and strengthen relationships. But, what about relationships already broken? How do we repair and restore the trust between people and groups? John Maxwell suggests 3 key steps:

1. ACKNOWLEDGE that trust has been broken. We often ignore having violated trust. We tell ouselves, "It's not that big of deal. They'll get over it." Or we delude ourselves into thinking that time will magically smooth over anything we've done wrong - without any conciliatory effort on our part. We can even be tempted to blame the other person's hurtful response instead of taking responsibility for having provoked it: "They're so emotional! They need thicker skin."

2. CHOOSE to forgive the other person's misbehavior. Once we acknowledge that we've broken someone's trust, we also have to seek forgiveness. However, if the other person has mistreated us in the past, we may actually feel justified in having let them down. By withholding forgiveness, we're operating under the assumption that we do everything right. The moment we realize how much we mess up ourselves and stand in need of forgiveness, we become more understanding of others.

3. ADMIT your responsibility and apologize. Admit what you said or did was wrong and say you're sorry. It may be painful for the moment, but it strengthens the relationship in the long run. Be sorry, too, with your actions and not just your words.

This type of choice and forgiveness cements relationships that takes on deeper levels of trust.

Personal Application:

So, what relationships in your life need repair and restoration? Who will you seek out and talk to today? Is an apology warranted?


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