Teamwork: Tested, Tried and True

by blogadmin 29. January 2019 03:24


Leadership In Action | Team Building Edition | January 29, 2019 

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." ~Henry Ford

I love the way this quote illustrates the process that produces teamwork. We tend to think of teamwork as something that just magically occurs. Teamwork is the culmination of coming together, making progress through the joint effort, and working towards a common goal. All of this sounds easy checking the web, but much harder in real life. 

Here are 2 questions to test how your team is doing:

1. Are we having more discussions over "who is doing or not doing things" vs. "how can we improve"? 

2. Are we "collaborating and stretching" to resolve a tough issue vs. "complaining" about how unfair it is that someone else is not working as hard as we are? 

Teamwork is truly about each member giving 100% and trusting others on the team to do the same. Working together works.

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