Is it a Job Interview or Not?

by blogadmin 14. June 2019 02:25

In a house, a solid foundaation is essential to hold the structure in place. Like a house, a strong foundation of sturctured interview questions can help hold or maintain control over the interview so that you are effectivley evaluating the candidate.

Some companies prefer to conduct interviews in a less formal manner with no structure or set questions. They treat the process like a conversation, asking each candidate different questions and relying on gut feel to guide the questions they choose. Whilte this style is beneficial in putting the candidate at ease, if it becomes too relaxed, you can lose the ability to make the best selection.

Structured and consistent questions have the benefit of helping you properly evaluate all the candidates against each other. They also help avoid inadvertently bringing bias into the process.

Helping the candidate feel at ease is also improtant and this can still be accomplished within a structured interview format. As the candidate responds to questions, the interviewer should listen carefully and if need be, ask additional clarifying questions for better understanding. It's these additional questions that can help put the candiadte at ease by allowing him or her to expand on a subject and share more information.


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