Maintain Perspective

by blogadmin 2. April 2020 01:06


Professionals are stressed and trying to stay up on the virus, health concerns, the stock market, politics, and whether their company will be able to stay open. Many are working virtually and navigating the difficulties that come with remote access. While all of these seem to turn our world upside down, they do not define whether we will be calm, peaceful or have a positive day or week. In fact, none of the things listed can determine our attitude.
Our attitude is determined by our choices to see opportunity, positive aspects around us, and the blessings that come into our lives. We can choose to see the positive, or we can see the flaws, the challenges, the risks, and ultimately what we lack.

Yes, we are living through unparalleled times and many are suffering. However, there are many good things happening as well. I saw an airplane filled with doctors and nurses who were going to New York City to volunteer, an area church had so many people donate blood at their blood drive that they scheduled a second day, and many people are volunteering to deliver meals to those in need. These are just a few examples of how people are reaching out and having a positive impact on those around them.
The difference? A choice not to let your circumstances determine who you will be or what your attitude will be. Yes, it is hard to be positive in the midst of these challenging times. There is room to choose to meet challenges with a positive attitude that creates greater opportunities to overcome them. It is important to be aware of the current situation and acknowledge the reality that surrounds us, but then use that to move forward with knowledge, compassion and a beneficial perspective.

What will you choose to focus on today? It is your choice and one that will change the outcome for yourself and others. 

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