Reacting versus Leading

by blogadmin 24. April 2020 01:15


During times of crisis, there are certain reactions that primarily happen, including:
  • Denial: Pretending the crisis is not impacting people and business.
  • Fear: Staying overwhelmed by negative outcomes or thought trails.
  • Reworking: Reacting to the situation day by day; working from a survival state.
  • Blaming: Other people have caused this crisis, now they should have to fix it.
Successful leaders tend to have a different approach, rather than leading from their reactions. While reacting may keep your business surviving through this crisis, it will not allow for creativity or innovation. Strong leaders use an approach that focuses on solutions and new opportunities. As you navigate a crisis or challenging time, ask questions about what you are focusing on, giving your energy to and how you are spending your time. If the answers are less then fruitful, pivot to start identifying new opportunities, new needs to meet, new ways to deliver your products or services, new ways to engage your team, and/or new marketing approaches.

You cannot always resolve every issue, but you can respond in a positive way that builds momentum and ensures that you are prepared to succeed in the future. You can plant seeds about new opportunities with clients, you can use this time to evaluate how to become more efficient and more innovative. Instead of marking time, or being fearful, choose to use this time to improve and grow. The rewards of leading in times of crisis are huge. They prepare us for a successful future with teams that are focused on the right priorities.

What do you need to begin doing right now to prepare for the reopening of our economy? Do not wait—this window of preparation will close. Be ready!

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