Agility in a World that Craves Stability

by blogadmin 29. April 2020 01:18

Many people long for security and stability in their lives and work. This is a natural longing for creating order and proficiency in our work. Stability includes the desire to perfect and create processes, which is not all bad. It can be counter to what allows us to thrive if we stay in that lane.
Thriving in our new economy requires being nimble, agile, and possessing a quick response time to changing needs. We have witnessed recently how both government and companies have changed dramatically in response to COVID-19.
While we are not always faced with such a huge crisis, there are times when industries will change requiring companies to pivot, clients’ needs will shift, new markets will emerge and more. Staying open and alert to these shifts allows us to be on the front edge of change.
Leaders must remain open to new ways of reinventing themselves and their teams. This ability to be agile requires a high EQ, and the ability to have strong trust and transparency within our team. It will require us not to be complacent, but rather learn how to pivot quickly as our world and market change.
How are you equipping yourself and your team to be more agile? Make this a priority and watch your team soar!

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