Next Level Culture

by blogadmin 27. May 2020 01:24

Leaders often are focused on creating efficiencies, creating systems, setting goals, and checking off tasks on their to-do lists. While all these things are important, there is another aspect of leadership that is even more critical...
 Creating a culture where team members know the following:
*Innovation is everyone’s job
*Learning is ongoing for everyone
*Humility and mission focus are foundational
*Sharing information and collaboration creates a propelling energy
*Recognition and celebration are as important as analysis
*Diversity creates depth and richness within our team 

Ask yourself, “How am I fostering each of these cultural pieces?” and “How much time do I spend focused on and modeling each of these?” The answer to these questions will demonstrate your success quotient. Without these there will be great programs, initiatives, and ideas. However, they will never go the distance, because culture is the fuel that leads to sustained success.

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