Tips to Improve Virtual Non-Verbal Communication

by blogadmin 1. June 2020 02:56


Recent quarantines have turned professional meetings and relationships upside down, making video meetings an essential component to keeping a business running smoothly.  With a simple click of a link, everything from team meetings to securing business deals to interviewing candidates can now be done remotely.  Have you taken the time to consider your online business etiquette?  While working from home it feels easy to jump on a video call without considering how our internal and external environment presents to others. For instance, is the background behind you busy or chaotic? Is there a moderate volume to the background noise? Is the lighting dispersed well? Did you brush your hair? Many of these things would generally not have been thought of when having a business meeting in person, as we are ready for our day before we leave the house and have chosen a certain environment to meet in. The tips below will help you keep your meetings productive, effective, and professional while presenting a positive image to business contacts and interview candidates.   


1. Mute yourself when not speaking.

2. Be on time.  If you cannot make it, let the host know of your absence.

3. Ensure your technology works correctly before the meeting starts. 

a. Test the camera and microphone ahead of time.

b. Use an on-line internet speed test to make sure your speed is fast enough to support a decent level of quality.

c. Don’t move the camera during the meeting. 

4. Create a high-quality presence.

a. Be centered on the screen and a distance that shows your head and chest.

b. Have a presentable look- appropriate clothing, grooming.

c. Ensure even lighting- no sun or bright spots, or shadows.


d. Consider a virtual background if your background isn’t pleasing. 

5. Eliminate or minimize distractions (kids, pets, co-workers) but if there’s a chance of something happening, let the participants know ahead of time.  Standards are a bit more relaxed now than in the past, but it’s still important. Use headphones if there will be external background noise. 

6. Pay attention and focus on the meeting.  Don’t do other work.  It’s obvious, it’s distracting, and it’s unprofessional.  Taking notes is fine if you let the viewer know what you’re doing. 


7. Keep your video on- it adds a human touch, can help combat isolation, and can strengthen relationships. 

8. It’s acceptable to have a beverage, but don’t eat. 

9. Interruptions can occur more often during a video meeting so be more courteous and allow others to speak first. Allow a moment between speakers to ensure they have finished their thought.   


Check your etiquette to ensure that you are communicating well virtually.  Doing so will enhance your relationships and strengthen your impact. 

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