Time for Change

by blogadmin 23. June 2020 03:12

It has been said that the change we love the most is the change we initiate. When change fits our preferences, our work style, and our beliefs, we are all for moving ahead. However, most change is not that easy or convenient and requires us to stretch.

Even when we know that change is needed, we struggle. For example, most of us would say that racism is wrong and that things need to change, but we are still having the same conversations around racism that have occurred over the last several hundred years. The question becomes, “How do we create and grow from change”? This is a great question to which I would like to suggest a few thoughts related to eliminating racism.


  • Commit yourself to the change past the media attention: Instead of eliminating racism being a nice idea that we “hope” will occur, we must commit ourselves long term to do what is needed to ensure that we are anti-racist.

  • Educate yourself: What is systemic racism and how has this practice continued? Read books, take classes, visit museums and landmarks, and talk to people of color to learn from their experiences.

  • Speak up when situations arise: Write your legislators about needed reform, march when issues arise that need joint action, speak up about racism and correct misinformation when in conversation with others you know.

  • Change your habits: Consider adding Juneteenth and Martin Luther King Jr. Days as holidays in your company, diversify your media feeds to include influencers who are people of color, frequent businesses owned by people of color, listen to music by black artists, and attend festivals celebrating other cultures.

  • Be an advocate for others: Actively recruit people of color, support them for leadership roles and encourage others to consider them for promotions.

  • Be in relationship: It is amazing what we learn and how we become better informed when in relationship with those we seek to serve or advocate for them. Firsthand knowledge informs our understanding. Listen when talking with people of color to learn their story and understand their perspective. 

  • Be willing to be uncomfortable. Change does not come without some stretching and discomfort. However, change will produce a richer experience and growth if we are open to embracing the process.

As you seek to lead your organization or your team through change, use these steps to embrace and grow from change. 

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