Listening Builds Success

by blogadmin 7. July 2020 04:00

    To many, listening sounds passive and time consuming. We tend to be people of action and want to start immediately to accomplish things. We fail to realize that listening is an active and powerful tool, as well as a pillar in the foundation of success. Listening allows us to hear the deeper meaning, to glean gems of wisdom and truth from those around us. Learning from the experience of others creates a new place of understanding to journey forward from. To successfully navigate life’s complexities, it is in our own best interest, and of those we serve, to become highly astute students of those around us.
     Listening means becoming curious and asking questions that are deeper than surface level. Consider the variance in the following questions:
  • What do you do? >> What is most meaningful in the work that you do?
  • What are your revenues? >> What does success mean to you?
     What can you ask the people you hope to serve and lead? What might they tell you if you actually listened with an intent to understand? You may be surprised how much wisdom you will gain that was hidden from view. Choose to listen, ask deeper questions, and pave your way to success.


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