Essential Workers

by blogadmin 19. August 2020 01:09


      In the last several months we have heard the term “Essential Workers” used repetitiously. The term is used to denote those workers without whom essential functions would not occur. This includes nurses, doctors, IT providers, transportation operators, refuse collectors, postal workers and more. Through this pandemic we have gained an appreciation for those people who provide for and take care of our most basic needs.

     This has been a great change from days when these occupations went unnoticed or certainly under appreciated. However, consider this question. Who on your team is not “Essential” to your company? Would you want to go without maintenance? What about security? Dietary? As you go through the list of people who work at your company, it soon becomes apparent that there is no such thing as “Non-Essential” workers.

     In spite of this truth, many of us neglect to let people know how much we value them and need them. Communicating someone’s value is not about money but rather about our personal attention and respect. When we express appreciation, open doors for them to develop, and show confidence in their abilities; you are giving them something worth far more than money. These actions unleash their potential and engages them in our purpose.

     Begin, today, to recognize how “Essential” your team is to your business. Find ways to let them know how grateful you are that they are using their abilities to make the team and company shine. The return on this investment of recognition and effort is overwhelming!

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