Unlocking Creativity

by blogadmin 28. August 2020 05:48

 We all know the value of being creative! We also know that there are times when we struggle to just get things done never mind being creative. What makes the difference? There are three key blocks to creativity which when removed will unlock our ability to innovate.

The first block is stress. Stress is a result of not feeling in control, feeling like there is too much to accomplish and not enough resources to do so. External factors such as interruptions, a lot of change, or disruption to our normal lives can produce stress for us.

The second block is mental and physical fatigue. When we are struggling physically and not getting enough sleep, we cannot be resilient. A majority of Americans report struggling to get enough sleep on a regular basis. This drains our energy and makes our efforts to focus that much more difficult.

The third block is a drive for perfection. While be perfect may sound like a great objective, it often keeps us from trying something new. We can’t stretch and grow unless we are willing to risk failure or not doing it perfect the first time. This desire for perfection keeps us from making decisions, and from trying really good new ideas when we are stuck in perfecting what we currently perform.

So how do you change the above? There are a number of answers, but the following are just a few ways you can unlock your creativity:
  • Play. Allow yourself to experiment and try new things.
  • Be kind. Be kind to yourself and to others. We are all dealing with difficult circumstances and it is okay to not always be at 100% of your ability.
  • Look for opportunities. Many people see the obstacles in opportunities. Successful people see the opportunities in difficulties.
  • Take care. Provide mental and physical nourishment and rest. Be conscious of taking in healthy. positive information. As well as, providing for yourself physically.
  • Surround yourself with positive and creative people. Attitudes are catching!

Begin now to unlock your creativity. Take one or two of these steps and see the difference it will make in your life and those around you!


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