6 Guideposts of Leadership

by blogadmin 30. September 2020 04:24


How do you know when someone is a strong leader?  As you may have guessed it is not by the title of their position, or how much they earn.  Instead strong leaders are identified by passing six trials.  What are they?

First, they make decisions based on what is best for the team not themselves.  They are willing to sacrifice for the good of those they serve.

Second, they treat others with equal respect and listen to others’ perspectives.  Even when they disagree, they demonstrate respect.

Third, they speak the truth, but with compassion.  They are not harsh when addressing issues but they provide feedback so others can succeed.

Fourth, they are life-long learners.  They learn from others; they read books and attend workshops to gain fresh perspectives.

Fifth, they shine the light and the recognition on others.  While they are confident in their abilities they do not need to brag or take all the recognition for themselves.  They recognize that without their team they could not succeed. 

Sixth, they lead themselves well.  Before you can lead others, you must possess strong values and live a disciplined life.

None of us are perfect but having these six attributes will lead to being a strong leader.  If you were ranked on these six attributes, would you be seen as a strong leader?    Begin today to strengthen your leadership quotient!  


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