Choose You Focus Wisely

by blogadmin 7. October 2020 06:40

Each of us has a choice of where we will focus our attention. Daily we are faced with challenges, issues, opportunities, new advances, and the ability to learn more. This mixture of situations would suggest that we can make something positive happen daily but are blocked seemingly by the myriad of challenges and obstacles.
 I would suggest that our inability to progress often has less to do with the actual challenges than the temptation to focus on those challenges instead of the opportunities. When we focus on obstacles, we become paralyzed with worry and fear thereby not being able to seize opportunities.

Next time you are tempted to worry and focus on challenges, ask if there is anything you can actually do to impact that obstacle. If not, let go and move towards what you can change. Worry is draining as opposed to being productive which is energizing and allows us to see possibilities.
Are you feeling drained? If so, check to see where your focus is to ensure that you are focused on the opportunities before you. Sure, there is risk in trying anything new, but the rewards can be even greater. Let’s make every day the next step towards a bright future! 


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