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Keys to Growth and the Challenges that Organizations Face

Green, vital, thriving--these are all words that describe organizations that are growing and sustainable. Creating growth needs to be strategic, sustainable, and focused on the vision and direction for your organization. When this occurs, there is great opportunity for success and innovation. When leadership and employee teams are focused on the same strategies, the creativity and productivity increase exponentially.

Key areas to creating growth include: Leadership, Effective Partnerships, Strategic Planning, Sales, and Human Resources. Partners In Action, Inc. demonstrates how you can create momentum and achieve success.

Leadership: “As a leader there are areas I’m concerned about and not sure what to do. I can’t talk with my team about problems. How can I find solutions? How do we develop & clearly communicate a vision for our organization? I need to become a stronger leader. How do I improve my leadership skills?”

Leaders today are faced with navigating change, motivating multi-generational teams, shrinking budgets, and rising business costs. The success of an organization will rise and fall with the strength of the leadership. This requires development of not only current leadership but also future leaders. Sustainability requires growth paths that ensure smooth transition of leadership.

Our leadership training, seminars, and coaching include opportunities for development of key skill sets. Those skills include vision setting, communication skills, coaching teams, project management, and strategy/decision making skills. As a result of our work, our clients have strengthened their skills and positively impacted the future of their organizations!

Human Resources: “How do I get people to work together? They are capable people, but not very productive. I wish they would take ownership for resolving problems and producing results. Do we have right people, and/or positions within the organization? How do we retain the right people and equip them to do more with less?”

Leaders will often wish that employees would take ownership of their work. They dream of the day when their teams will resolve conflict and drive results without their involvement. We demonstrate easy to implement methods that will strengthen your team’s communication skills and the ability to resolve issues quickly. Our analysis will assist leaders in knowing that they have the right people, and the right structure to sustain growth.

We train leaders on how to coach teams and support the efforts of others. This allows each individual to flourish and utilize their strengths to the fullest extent. Creativity and synergy increase dramatically. Productivity and profitability grow as your team moves forward together!

Strategic Planning: “We seem to be in a plateau as an organization. We want to grow in the upcoming year. We have lots of ideas but are not sure what the right direction is, or how to accomplish our goals. How do we develop and implement a plan for growth?”

Strategic planning is something every leader knows they should complete. However, for many they are overwhelmed with the task of running their business and not sure where to find the time to plan. When they do finally find a few minutes to plan, they really aren’t sure where to begin or what options are available to them.

Our clients have discovered a practical and easy to use tool that allows them to plan for the future. They not only set key objectives, but also create action steps that allow them to establish priorities for themselves and their teams. This removes confusion, and the frustration of not having everyone on the same page. Expectations are clarified and accountability established to achieve success. Our innovative planning process acts as a guide for the future, while remaining flexible and adaptable for today’s fast changing world!

Sales: “As a leader, I know I should be marketing the company. However, I’m not comfortable promoting myself and my organization. And the sales team, well, I just do not understand how to motivate and equip them to be effective. Our clients no longer respond to our methods.”

Most professionals go to school to learn the technical aspects of their profession. Once they graduate and enter the workplace, they discover the need to also promote their organization. They do not understand how to market themselves since they didn’t go through sales training.

Some sales representatives went through some form of sales training, however, the market and prospective clients have changed. How can a sales representative be successful in today’s market? Why do prospective clients no longer respond to our methods?

Through our training and coaching you can turn your organization into a sales driven team. From the receptionist at the front desk, to the custodian, to the CEO, everyone plays a role in marketing your organization. We demonstrate personalized and non-threatening ways for people to market your products and services. Our clients have discovered that sales can be fun!

Partnerships: “We had been friends for some time, and felt we would make a great team. But now, we are just so frustrated with each other. We do not agree on key decisions, and struggle to resolve our differences. This is not working!”

Partnerships can create opportunities for each person to compliment the strengths of the other partner(s). When partnerships are created properly, they provide synergy and strength. These partnerships serve as a catalyst for accelerated growth.

However, if not created properly, they are cumbersome, and detrimental to the growth of the organization. A divided organization will fail. Key agreement on questions of growth, authority, vision, philosophy and direction are essential. However, most partners do not discuss these issues until long after the partnership agreement has been signed.

Through our consulting, clients have found ways to work in harmony and to reach their goals. They realize the tremendous benefits of the partnership without the frustration that often accompanies partnerships. Unleashed, partnerships can be an incredible tool!