There is an old saying that “all that glitters is not gold”.  I would suggest this can apply to opportunities as well.  It would be great if opportunities came with a sign, or were covered in gold, or some other sure sign.  However, that is not reality.

Opportunities have to be sought.

You have to look for them and seek to identify where those niches might be something that we can fulfill.  This means that it will be a risk to begin something that is not already in existence.  Great opportunities rarely come without some form of risk.

Opportunities also have a lot of work attached.  It may mean educating the market about the need/product, or it may mean changing your priorities to take advantage of this opportunity.   In almost every case it will mean digging in to do the hard work to succeed.

So many leaders want success to fall into their lap.  Success is a pathway that is lined with work, influencing others, and creating vision.  None of these are easy or just happen without being intentional and proactive.  Planning is essential and requires you to look ahead at where you need to go and what opportunities, if seized, will propel you towards that goal.

Opportunities are not long-lasting.  There is a window in which opportunities exist and if we do not take them that window is likely to close.  Many leaders seek out assurances that this is the right thing to do, or they want everything to be exact before beginning.  This approach may seem logical, but by the time you have perfected something that opportunity may be gone.

Leadership is all about ensuring that we are taking the right steps, at the right time, to access opportunities.  What opportunity is waiting for you?


Opportunities without the glitter