Inconvenient Truths

Mission and purpose create inconveniences for leaders.  A mission compels us to take a different path and to sacrifice for something that is more important.  It interrupts other endeavors, many of which are good, but do not lead us towards our mission.  Our purpose also forces us to look to the future, not just the present which is easier to manage and predict. 

Fulfilling our mission should not be put off; unlike so many who want to wait for a more convenient time.  There is no time when pursuing your mission and purpose will be easy or ideal.  The most important things in life will come with obstacles.  Otherwise, we would already be doing it.  Putting things off just allows windows of opportunity to close and more obstacles to develop. 

Mission also puts us in a position to learn and grow.  The path of mission fulfillment causes us to use different approaches and try new things.  Pursuit of our mission is so valuable because it produces growth within ourselves, our teams, and our organizations. 

A great mission requires the best of who we are and can become. 

Mission and values will demand that we make great decisions.  Doing important work requires we not consider what is good, but rather what is best.  It propels us forward by decisions that serve others and deliver the best we can offer.  Our mission does not allow us to rest on the laurels of the past but rather pursue the potential greatness of the future. 

We see this modelled in the life of people like Martin Luther King Jr.  He talked with people across this country.  He marched, prayed, and persevered in spite of obstacles.   He learned how to speak with and influence people who could make a difference.  I’m sure there were times when he was tired, frustrated, and wanted to just relax.  But he was compelled to keep going because his mission was too important and the potential impact too great. 

Make sure your mission is so valuable that it compels you to act even though there are obstacles, and it is inconvenient.  If you do, you will be amazed at how success will ripple across your organization and community. 


martin luther king jr