Roving Mic with Rhoda & Shelly

WGVU’s The Morning Show with Shelley Irwin and segment co-host Rhoda Kreuzer of Partners In Action, Inc. focus on newsworthy successes that impact the community on “Leadership In Action”. Their goal is to combat the negative news in the media with positive stories. These stories represent not only our local organization’s leadership and success’, but how this growth benefits the community.

Each month, the program airs live at 10:00am on WGVU, 88.5 FM, the local NPR Station. Make sure to also check Shelley’s FB page as well as Partners In Action’s FB page. Shelley and Rhoda will be conducting the live interview and tour with their “roving mic”. The format of the segment is informal and conversational, rather than a formal question and answer time.

March 2021: Building Your Teams Capacity

February 2021: Inclusion, Embracing the Whole Person

January 2021: Leadership Vitamins


December 2020: The Greatest Gift Leaders Can Give

November 2020: Pursuing Excellence, How, When and WHY

October 2020: Managing Stress in a Chaotic, Unpredictable World

September 2020: Getting in the Game, What it Means to Leaders and What Role a Leader Plays in Helping Get Their Team to Play

August 2020: Leading Your Team Through Stress

July 2020: Activity vs Results, What’s the Difference?

June 2020: Creating Long Term Change. Listen, Learn and Lead

May 2020: Agile EQ, What It Is and How You Become More Agile?

April 2020: The Need for Strategic Leadership in These Times.

March: How Leadership Matters in These Times. Communication, Leadership, and Priorities