Where are you investing your time and talents? When I consider investing financially in anything, I typically look for what will bring the greatest return. We work hard to gain assets and if we are going to invest, we want to increase our assets, not just have them sit safely somewhere.

Consider how hard you work to gain your expertise, your knowledge and ability. How you invest those attributes should not be different than how you invest your money. Investing in activity-focused work means you can check off tasks and get things done with the talent that you possess. This approach allows us to feel good because we have been doing something that feels productive. Still, activity does not produce momentum or results. It consumes our talent and resources but does not necessarily move us closer to our desired results.

You can have results or excuses, not both.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

However, when we invest our time and talent in gaining results, we gain momentum and pride of what has been accomplished. Investing in results means focusing on the outcome of our efforts and ensuring that we are working towards our priorities. You may check off fewer tasks, because each strategy has greater consequence and may take more time to complete. The reality is that investing in results brings about greater ownership and commitment. It causes us to endure and to problem solve the obstacles that may need to be overcome.

Investing in results brings the greatest return, the greatest sense of accomplishment, and builds momentum in your organization. Evaluate how you are investing your abilities and expertise to decide if you want to change where your investment lies. Invest to make the greatest difference possible!