Human Resources

Outsource your Human Resource Needs   

At the center of every organization are people.  Whether you are looking at team members, clients, community stakeholders, etc., people drive our organizations and our goals.  If every member of your team were to resign tomorrow, would you have a company left?  You might have resources or assets but there would be no one to actually do the work or serve your customers.

Human Resources is all about equipping and supporting your team in such a way that everyone is well served and able to thrive.  When we provide the right support and structure for your team they will not only bring their best ability to work, but they will be more fully engaged in the mission and purpose of your organization.

Human Resource Services:

  • Talent management is a key concern for most organizations today.  We assist in analyzing your talent needs, recruiting and hiring for key team members, and assisting in identifying areas of growth.
  • Outsourced HR where we become the face of your HR department.  Many small to mid-sized organizations do not have the ability to have high level expertise in their organization full time.  You can access our highly skilled team when you need us, knowing that we provide great insight into the issues faced by you and your team.

HR Projects:

  • Employee Handbooks and Policies are critical in the support of your team.  We can assist in the preparation of your handbook and guide the creation of policies that mirror your philosophy and values.  With clarity of purpose and guidelines your team can achieve success.
  • Performance Reviews can be meaningful and a great tool for both recognition and redirection.  We can assist you in developing meaningful tools without the frustration of lengthy forms that never seem to communicate your message.
  • Job Descriptions are so important in communicating a team member’s role and why their position is so critical to the organization.  Designing job descriptions well will provide insight into how they can meet your expectations.
  • Employee File Audits can reduce risk and liability giving you peace of mind that your files are complete and in compliance.
  • Compensation Review ensure that you are competitive and can attract strong talent, while providing a strategic approach to wages and benefits.



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