Leadership Development & Strategic Planning

Equip leadership to take your organization to the next level. 

Leaders are stretched by competing resource needs, strategic goals to achieve, fast paced change and team members to be developed.  Many leaders know ideally what should happen but struggle to implement their strategies and priorities.  At Partners In Action, Inc. we provide practical, test driven methods to help you and your leadership team excel.

Leadership Coaching

Every leader has a natural style and priorities that are uniquely theirs.  That natural style comes with inherent strengths and challenges.  We coach each leader in a way that allows them to draw on those strengths, collaborate with others when those goals stretch beyond your expertise, and engage your team fully to achieve your vision.

Leadership Consulting

Today’s leader faces huge decisions, fast paced trends, and an ever more complex group of clients and team members.   Our team provides insight, tools, and experience in more than 35 industries to assist leaders in strategically leading their organizations to success.  Whether it involves mergers, talent management, change management, strategic planning, or analyzing your organizational structure, our team is able to provide recommendations and assist in the implementation of your strategies.

Leadership Training

Leadership stretches each of us and provides a life-long journey of learning.  You can never know enough if you want to excel as a leader.   This is equally true for the experienced leader as it is for the first-time leader.  We create training opportunities not only for your current leadership team, but also for your emerging leaders. 

Customized Team Learning

Your leadership team most likely has certain skill sets they use really well and some that are more challenging for them. We develop customized training that builds on their current skills and equips them to lead with excellence.

   Training Topic Examples:  
  • Hiring for Success
  • Developing People: Coaching for Success
  • Strategic Planning
  • Successful Thinking for Leaders
  • Agility for a Chaotic World
  • Generational Motivation
  • Creating Vision & Purpose
  • Aligning and Engaging Your Team

Additional Offerings

Community Leadership Training

We offer a Leadership Breakfast where you can meet with non-competing community leaders to learn more about how to serve in a key decision-making role.  This format includes learning, goal setting, and implementation of your strategies.

Leadership Bits & Bytes

We provide a weekly Leadership Blog sent directly to your email that gives you a tip for the week.  This blog highlights different tools or approaches that will allow you to succeed in leading your team and organization forward.

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“Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example.”

-Cory Booker





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