Balanced Leadership

As leaders there are three key areas we must balance to ensure that our organizations, teams, and culture will be healthy and productive.  These three aspects of our work cannot be minimized or procrastinated on. If we want to successfully reach our mission and goals balanced leadership is a the key component.

First, we must be about creating and casting vision.  Vision is the picture of where we are headed.  What is the clear picture of where you are headed?  How do you envision the fulfillment of your mission or purpose?  If you cannot answer this question, then your team will work hard but you will most likely not succeed at reaching those goals.  Everyone will simply fill in their own definition and you will have lost the synergy that comes from a team working for the same purpose towards a common vision.

Second, we must align our team around the vision.  What is their role in accomplishing the vision?  What is the team counting on them to do in order to reach our goals and vision?  One of the greatest motivators for any team member is to know that their work matters. That what they do has significance beyond just making more money.  Team members who are aligned with the vision bring the best of who they are.

Third, we must execute.  Execution is not just working hard but rather it is working strategically.  It means planning out our efforts and resources, so we are leveraging them in the most productive way.  Too many organizations rely on telling people to do a set of tasks. They hope they will figure things out or understand how it fits into the big picture.  As leaders we have to share the connection with people and let them know that they are an “essential worker”.  Not because it is a nice thing to say, but because it is true.  No one is expendable if we are to accomplish our vision and purpose.

Now review your schedule.  How much time are you spending on these three activities?  For most leaders, execution is where we spend most of our time.  Leaders are involved in the day-to-day work of completing projects and reports.  This feels productive. But when we do this, we are missing out on 2/3 of success. We need to pay attention to all three.  Adjust your schedule now, to be a highly effective leader!