Defining Success in 2022

Many companies do not make it to their third-year anniversary.  When studies have been done on those companies, many of them quit just before they were about to turn the corner and be successful.  In fact, most of them quit because of a debt of about $49.00.  They gave up because it was hard work and there was no guarantee of success.

The reality is that there is never a guarantee of success at any point in your leadership journey.  Just about the time you think you know the answers, the questions change.  Just when you feel like you have the ideal situation, circumstances change.  Life is about managing change and pushing yourself to continuously pursue the dream.  Dreams are invaluable and we should never exchange them for tinsel.

There is no quick path to success.

It takes planning, commitment, and a determination to keep adapting to new opportunities and challenges that come your way.  Every leader would prefer to have a smooth, easy path forward, but that is a dead-end that will not lead to true success.

It is the bumpy, chaotic path that leads to deeper understanding and true knowledge of what success is all about.  When you think about success, it is not defined by how much you make or how many possessions you have, but rather the impact you have had on others.  Success is about making your sphere of influence a better place for others.

Impacting others is messy, it is complex, and there are no easy answers on how to contribute in meaningful ways to those we lead.  However, there is no award or reward that is more important than having others become shining stars because of your leadership.  Leadership causes others to grow and be better than they were before we led them.

Begin 2022 with a plan to continue to challenge yourself, stretch into new areas, embrace risk, and never accept the easy path that provides false security, false recognition, and false promises.  Let’s seek out true success and plan for the best year yet!