Fear is a natural reaction to events that carry a lot of risks.  Fear can often be useful in getting our attention and helping us focus on those risks and how to avoid danger.

However, fear also can paralyze us and cause us to procrastinate.  We can be so fearful that we accept worry and anxiety in our lives.  These are negative aspects of fear which keep us from a future where we can excel.

Courage, on the other hand, does not ignore the risks but moves ahead in spite of those risks.  It refuses to be stuck in “What if’s” and instead focuses on the potential that lies ahead if we seize this opportunity.

While the world is telling you that it will not work, or that you cannot achieve a goal, we must have the courage to step out towards our purpose.  There are no guarantees that it will work or that you will be successful.  The only way to know is to discover what could happen if you take the first, second, third, and so on steps.

Our world is full of uncertainty, but leaders must match that with the courage to try new approaches and stretch outside their comfort zone. 

Where are you playing it safe?  What might you miss if you do not stretch in new ways?  If you step out into new areas, you might fail.  If you do not step out into new areas, you will definitely fail.  It is your choice—will you have the courage to choose to begin something new?