What does it look like to have a committed team?  A team who cares and wants to be about accomplishing important things?  A committed team is driven by excellence of service or product.  They care about how they are producing and impacting their environment. 

A committed team is drawn to challenging each other to do more.  They are not satisfied with just getting by or coasting, but rather seek to take on new challenges and expend new energy.  Committed teams understand that mastering challenges will require more energy, greater expertise, and more innovation. 

A committed team is driven to succeed in reaching goals and measuring results.  It is not enough to say that we are likeable, or that we enjoy the team, or that we succeeded last year.  We must measure results, evaluate what is working, use new strategies to continue our progress. 

A committed team has a committed leader.  A leader who perseveres through the easy and the tough times.  Teams will commit themselves to great purposes and to leaders who consistently model their values.  Committed leaders know the importance of challenging team members to reach new heights, to strive for the best they can be and to encourage them along the way.   

Commitment is needed more than ever today. 

Our commitments must include: 

  • Seeing each person succeed.
  • Excellence in our work together.
  • Making a difference.
  • Measuring results.
  • Being innovative and adaptive.

These commitments are essential for teams and leaders on the move.  Without them we will not be able to navigate change or seize opportunities that come our way.  Nothing will overcome obstacles and create momentum like commitment.  Begin by challenging your team to engage with your mission and objectives and observe the momentum that takes place.