Holidays and special occasions are an opportunity to gather with those we care about and spend time together. We take the opportunity to appreciate others and let them know they are important to us.  We celebrate the ways they enrich our lives. 


However, outside of those special occasions, we can neglect to let others know that we value them them.  This failure to express our appreciation can make others feel they are not important.  Certainly, this is not our intention, however it is often the message given. 

The Gallup Organization found in their research that team members need feedback at least once every seven days.  You may feel like that is too frequent, but if you consider the number of challenges and obstacles that your team faces, it is not surprising.  Giving recognition must be a priority if we want to support our teams and encourage them to produce great work.  Recognition raises morale, improves performance, and increases retention.  Without these it is almost impossible to see your team excel and be innovative.   


Leaders can use varied approaches to giving recognition.  You can use a handwritten note, an email, verbal recognition, a small gift, or treats.  Varying your approach will increase the impact of the recognition and allows for genuine gratefulness to be expressed. 

In addition, everyone has a different way they prefer to be celebrated. Learning how each team member responds to various types of praise allows recognition to be more meaningful.  Giving recognition is also fun for you and provides positive opportunities to interact with your team rather than just addressing issues. 


Consider the last time you gave your team recognition and review your priorities.  Who do you need to recognize?  Let your team know they are important to you!