Some decisions are an easy yes or no, but often we struggle with whether to take on something new or pass on it. Fundraisers, meetings and other events are “good” to do, but we feel burdened by other demands. The real question is how do you know what to say yes to?

While there is no way to guarantee the outcome, three questions can help guide us to make better decisions. An affirmative answer to any of these questions should compel us to say yes, even when it is not convenient. However, this may require additional time management or saying no to something else.

One such question is “How will this support our values?”  Values are what we adhere to and go to the wall for.  Our core values are non- negotiable.  We should agree to those things that align with them even when it is uncomfortable or requires us to adjust our priorities.

Another question is “Does this support the interests of our team, our clients, and our organization?”  The best answers are win/win solutions.  Win/win solutions provide opportunities for collaboration, deeper understanding of each other’s needs, and an opportunity to strengthen relationships.  We need to prioritize time to develop this type of solution, which will ensure greater success.

Further ask, “Does this cause me to be a stronger leader?”  Activities such as inviting feedback from our team members, having difficult conversations, and investing time in planning or learning should be a yes.  These things can be uncomfortable, or require us to stretch.  We must resist the temptation to avoid these activities, because unless we grow, we cannot lead well.

Whether hard or easy, the ability to say yes to the right things is foundational to truly lead. Doing so will promote innovation, assist in tackling challenges and help us reach our goals. Saying yes demands the best of us and will create new opportunities for ourselves, for our team, and those we serve.

Let’s impact others by saying yes to activities that make a difference!